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Hi December? Slow down.

Okay Christmas is a little over a week away - so much for my Christmas entries I was planning. Not that they would be all that interesting to anyone but me! Who knows, it could still happen.

My cold was very short lived thankfully - it didn't even develop into a sinus cold which was awesome. Of course this week 2 of my co-workers came in to work sick and are coughing up lungs. I feel like wearing a mask when I walk into that office.

I had a pretty good weekend. Thursday afternoon was our work party - okay that sounds more fun than it was. Our team went out for a late lunch at 2:30 where we exchanged gifts. I got a bottle of fruity wine (yes!), a people's magazine cause it's my favourite and a toblerone bar. I was pleased. Normally we go to a co-worker's for dessert but she had fallen on the ice a week or so ago and wasn't up to having company over to her non x-mas house (due to the falling and not being able to move). So I went home and changed my clothes, relaxed for a bit then went out to do the shoebox thing.

Friday I got up way too early to go volunteer for my last shift. It was 3.5 hours instead of 2.5 which does make a difference but they also give you a 15 minute break to go and sit and have a coffee. After that I finally had my afternoon of shopping. I shopped then went for lunch to get my energy up for more shopping. T text me at that point to ask if I was home cause she was going to stop by. I was 20 minutes away getting ready to go into the mall. Obviously her visit was a no-go. But I got quite a bit of shopping done - not a lot but the important stuff. I got home around 4:30 done in. But I made it before rush hour so I was happy.

Saturday was blizzard-y weather that shocked me cause normally our town has like a bubble over it and snow misses us. Oh not this time. We shovelled our driveway 3 times in a matter of 24 hours. We wouldn't have gone out at all except I had a surprise for Keith. I told him we were going out at 12:30ish and he had to be hungry. He was surprised when we drove less than 5 minutes and I pulled into a close festhall. He thought I was taking him to a bazaar of sorts and was not happy until I told him I was treating him to a 'duck dinner'. It's a tradition at this festhall and they have them for a short time. It was pricy but I used my birthday money that my mom gave me. Keith really enjoyed the meal - I found mine 'meh' but that's due to the fact I don't love duck like he does. Plus one of the sides was red cabbage made like a sauerkraut. After we drove to pick up a game for my brother that I saw and didn't buy when I had the chance and wouldn't you know it the store no longer had the game! We bought a few things (1 was bodywash that was on sale but they didn't give me the sale price - I brought it to their attention and got the item for free! That was the 2nd time that happened to me this week at 2 different stores!).

We then headed home to hide from the snow and relaxed the rest of the day. Sunday wasn't as snow free as I hoped but we still went out to run a few errands. We looked for the game at 4 other stores and lo and behold Keith found it sitting on a shelf the last one left. This game better be fun!

Now it is Monday and I had grand plans to go to the walking track tonight cause I am seriously lacking exercise these days but it is so bitterly cold that once I get home from work my body refuses to think about leaving again. Maybe I will wrap a few more gifts tonight to make myself feel better - so far I have spent the last hour and a half on this laptop! I did some wrapping last night (gifts for T and C as we are meeting on Wednesday) and I also got all my Christmas cards written and mailed today. Even the cards for my Weetabix Card Exchange! It was a last minute decision due to Weet deciding at the last minute to hold it. But I do so love giving and getting cards that I couldn't resist - I just wish more Canadians (or any) were in cause 20 cards to the States is expensive!

Alright time to post this and do some wrapping. Or you know....something else.

8:09 p.m. - 2013-12-16


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