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Commercialism & Christmas

I wrote this entry previously and after what happened yesterday I had to post it before writing about my Christmas. Let's just say it's definitely in my top five of the WORST Christmas of my life. Dramatic? Maybe. True? Yes.


Commercialism and Christmas

For years I could not understand how people could say Christmas was all about commercialism and wanted no part of it. I believe that is because of MY experiences. Growing up, of course, I wanted what was popular. I also know my wants were never totally outrageous (at least in my memory). I remember being slightly let down the year I got my fake cabbage patch doll. But I loved her (Amber) regardless and the year after when the craze was over I got my first one - Daniel. Ah yes Daniel. Loved him to pieces. He had a little sailor outfit on. I also remember getting a 'real baby' doll that had beautiful blond hair and was sleeping and in a cute outfit. The only problem? It never opened it's eyes! Felicia Kate. My older brother teased me mercilessly that she was dead! Brothers.

Many years ago my family suggested putting a limit on gifts. It was $10 - $15 a person. Now you can get around this limit by combining with your spouse so you can buy say a $30 gift. But some members of my family - okay my older brother and his family stick to the rules. They buy one gift from the five of them for $15. Cost affective! But this limit is a good thing. We don't buy expensive pricy things for each other and we are forced to be creative. This is why Keith and I tend to shop all year round. If we see something we know will be good for Christmas we buy it! I know my younger brother's wife gets exasperated that we still give gifts and wants to move to just kids. Which okay if that is the case can we at least do a gift exchange by picking names? But what I think she's forgetting is that while her and her family are opening gifts on Christmas morn me, Keith and my parents will wake up to none. Not so fun then. But I'm getting off target here. I wanted to talk about my most memorable Christmas gifts. Now let's just say this isn't the easiest task for me cause my memory is notoriously bad and it's only when I see pictures that I get prompted into remembering things!

Christmas Memories......

For the first 13 years of my life I grew up in Nova Scotia. I was born in Ontario and when I was still a baby we moved to NS where my dad is from. My dad struggled from business to business venture trying to support his family. My mom was involved in a lot of the businesses my dad started so we were babysat by grandparents a lot. We even lived with them a few times. The first time was when our house burnt down. We lived behind them - picture a huge field and plunk houses here and there - that's what it felt like to me. Our house burnt down just before Christmas one year when I was 4 I believe. My mom, brother and I flew home to Ontario and my dad stayed. Now I think THIS fire started from the Christmas tree lights. My dad fell asleep on the couch and awoke to smoke and flames. He got out okay but the house was toast. I have pictures of a wee me standing amidst the ashes and shaky structure of the house. Good thing my parents got that picture!

Alright now on to the best gift I can remember as a child. Besides the Cabbage patch dolls I remember waking up one morning and finding a McDonald's Barbie restaurant set beneath the tree from Santa! Oh how I loved that set. It came with all these tiny stickers that I could stick on everything and even though I really don't remember using that restaurant in many of my Barbie playtimes I still loved that set so much. To this day I have never seen another one.

As a teen I remember one of my favourite gifts was a vhs tape of Top Gun. I was in LOVE with that movie. Not necessarily Tommy but I did rewind that volleyball scene a few hundred times! Of course those were the years I also 'primped' the night before Christmas as I wanted to look 'good' and camera ready the next morning. I would spend hours crimping my waist length hair and planning my casual pj outfit the next morning - pink sweatpants and a nkotb tee comes to mind.

Let's an adult. My husband God love him can be hit or miss. But he is so sure I will love whatever obscure gift he gets me he is crushed when I don't gush over it. So I gush. I mean I don't go overboard because obviously he took the time to think of something I would like and went out and got it. Just sometimes....he's off the mark. You want an example? One year he saw this toy - a duck or hen I'm not sure that when you switched it on did a little dance and spun around and then opened up in the rear and out came an egg! He thought I would LOVE it....I was um....not as enthralled as he would have liked. But it was cute and the kids in my family loved it! He's also learned not to buy me clothes cause I am one picky person when it comes to clothes. He pretty much wears what I buy him but me...not so much.

I had to laugh a few days ago when he told me how hard it is to buy for me now. He used to get sweets which I shouldn't have as much anymore or 'stuff' and since we're trying to de-clutter he realizes how wrong that is. I've gotta say I'm quite interested to see what this years gifts will be!

To answer the above - so far the best adult gift was my engagement ring. He surprised me good. Yup it's hard to beat that one.

Edited to add: Well the above gift was beat this Christmas. But that's for next entry.

9:30 p.m. - 2013-12-26


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