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R.I.P. B-dad (and 2013!)

Ah yes we are on the final countdown for 2013. I will not miss this year.

I am in a much better head space right now. I spoke to my mom last night. They made it to NS in horrible weather apparently. Good thing they took the truck. More money in gas but much safer. My momís voice was all but gone so I am now going to assume she had some kind of virus that played with her stomach quite harshly and then moved on to be more like the common cold.

I have a massage after work. I debated cancelling cause I guess itís not a good thing to go when you are sick Ė in case you affect your masseuse. But I am going since I deem myself beyond the contagious phase. I ran home at lunch to grab my cold medication in case my nose started to run or am congested and Keith sounds worse than me and heís had it for much longer. Poor guy. Iím not sure why he isnít getting better?

We leave tomorrow, after I get off work at 3, to my brother and silís house. They live about 3 hours away Ė maybe 3.5. But guaranteed traffic is not going to be fun. I almost didnít get to leave early as the girl who volunteered (lowest seniority) will be off for the rest of the week due to a death in the family ( a grandmother who lives in another country) but Iím not saying a word. I donít need bad karma on me right now! I am just going to be grateful that another co-worker kindly offered to stay til closing.

Oh so we didnít go to Keithís family on Saturday. We called Friday and found out whoops itís on Sunday! We both had the day wrong. It was just as well cause when I woke up Saturday I had the head cold from hell and felt horrible. I took almost a 2 hour nap that afternoon and felt good enough to go out for a bit then the rest of the day and night was spent curled up on the couch.

Sunday was chaos at Keithís family Ė with 4 little ones and a 9 year old running around. It was very loud as one of their favourite things to do was all run around the kitchen tableÖ..over and over and over. The parents didnít care as the kids were getting their energy out but yowza good thing I was on cold tablets or else my head might have split open. Our White Elephant game went quite well. I ended up with the gift I stole from someone and was happy it didnít get taken away again. Keith also ended up with his stolen gift so he was pleased as well.

On the drive home he asked if I saw his mom give him a letter I said no. She apparently keeps in touch with his biological dadís ex-wife (complicated much). And I guess on a side note Ė blurb Ė on page 2 of the letter she stateís that Keithís dad had passed away. Now this is hard to navigate because him and I are vastly different when it comes to family and emotions. He had little contact with his b-dad and the last time he remembers seeing him was at age 13 I believe in which case his dad moved and started a new family. I try and ask questions to understand how Keith feels about it but my man is a hard one to understand. He says he was okay with it and that his dad now did officially adopt him thus he has the same last name (if I could only tell you how great the b-dadís last name was and how torturous our current last name is!). But I know heís got to be going through some conflicting emotions about it Ė doesnít he? He did say he can now stop typing his dadís name into FB. He said every once in a while heíd type his name in to see if he was on fb. That tells me that he isnít as unaffected as he letís me think. I guess all I can do is be there for him in case he wants to talk about it. When I saw him at lunch I told him about my co-worker above who will be off then he told me that I could probably be off too since I would get bereavement time for my father-in-law. It took me a moment because I donít ever think of his b-dad and for a heart stopping minute I thought he was telling me that his adopted dad had died!

So I sign off as usual. When is 2013 over again?

9:25 p.m. - 2013-12-30


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