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Why this week sucks out loud

I think I am being schooled by the Universe. Big time. Just because it's a new year doesn't mean anything. Life is tough. You just have to learn to deal with the tough stuff and enjoy the good. Um can I start to get a bit of the good yet? Let's have a recap of this past week - and yes I know the week isn't over yet!

Monday: Went to work - everything was grand. The News tried to prepare us for the horrible cold snap.

Tuesday: Horrible Cold Snap. We broke records with the wind chill - 40. Brrr. My car wouldn't start. Called in to work. Keith tried a few things but by the end of the day we realized we'd have to call CAA but knew there was no point doing it that night so I decided to get up at 6am and call then.

Wednesday: 6am got up after not enough sleep. Called CAA and sat on hold for 10 minutes - uh-oh. They told me it would be up to a 2 hour wait time. 3 hours later the guy showed up. He boosted the car....nothing. It was dead. He said it wasn't the battery. We then had him tow me and the car to our mechanic where almost $400 later a new starter was installed. Our mechanic had given me a loaner so I was able to go into work - albeit late - but at least I got there!

That night Keith had an ear ache. He was in pain. I told him to wake me if he needed me. He asked why he would need me and I said "I don't know in case your ear bleeds or something."

11:15pm I am being shaken awake after having fallen asleep for 15 minutes - his ear had suddenly began to bleed as he was getting ready for bed. He told me he would have went on his own except he took a large chug of Nyquil and shouldn't drive. I jumped up, got dressed and we drove to Urgent Care. 7 hours later we left there at 6am. The doctor said it's an ear infection and it has perforated his ear drum. He gave him antibiotics, 2 pain killers (cause pain killers don't work on Keith) and some drops. We picked up the meds on the way home and once home I gave him everything. The drugs plus the cold weather when we left the hospital put Keith in major pain. He broke down and was shaking he was in so much pain - at times retching. I sat beside him crying silently cause there was nothing I could do. I felt so helpless. Finally the pain subsided enough that he was able to go to bed. I too fell exhausted into bed and didn't move for 5 hours.

Thursday: Woke up at noon feeling surprisingly refreshed after 5 hours of sleep. Came downstairs to find Keith sitting amongst a box of discarded tissues all painted with red blood. He was miserable. He had slept for just 20 minutes. He hadn't wanted to wake me as he knew I was exhausted (I had been up for over 24 hours by the time I went to bed). We debated calling our doctor - his office takes a 2 hour lunch which had just begun. Instead I quickly showered and dressed and we headed to the clinic 2 minutes from our house - within 30 minutes Keith was seen. The doctor was at a loss as there is so much blood they can't really see what's wrong with the ear. She dabbed some and finally was able to see the perforation and then told us we had to go back to Emerg cause the blood shouldn't still be coming out like this. With a quick stop for cash, coffee and bagels we headed back to the Hospital.

This time is was only 5 hours before we were heading home. Thankfully it was cut short because a doctor saw a select few patients before you had to go into the second waiting room where you waited for 2 - 3 hours more. She called the oncall ENT doctor who told her to put this small little absorbent pad like thing in Keith's ear and he would see him in his office tomorrow at 8am. I stopped for some food for dinner and managed to get Keith to eat a salad before plying him with meds and sent him to bed. The doctor told us the ear may still leak a little but if it gushes to come back. Unfortunately it's a bit more than a leak....but not quite a gush. Keith is so damn exhausted he could barely move and he was so cold I had to tuck him in with a heating pad. I am praying he sleeps for more than 20 minutes like he did this morning. I am worried about how much blood there will be on his pillow when he wakes up. We both don't want to go back to the Emerg room tonight.

I should probably go to bed as well as I don't know what the next several hours will hold so I should probably get sleep while I can.

So the journey goes.

7:50 p.m. - 2014-01-09


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