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The rest of the week

So the rest of the week.

Friday: I woke up after 9 hours of sleep - nine! I went to bed at 10 and had set my alarm for 7am. I woke up Keith who was doing surprisingly well. He had been up in the middle of the night and lost the insert they had put in his ear but his ear was no longer bleeding - just leaking a bit. We drove to the ENT specialist who had a look the ear and did a few things. He kind of apologized for having us come in as he was sure we felt it was a waste of time. He couldn't have been more wrong. We were both glad to have a specialist look at his ear and deem it 'okay'. He cleaned out the ear and then sent us on our way with a follow up appointment on Tuesday.

We got home and Keith began to eat everything in sight (yes!) and he was even joking around. I was able to release a long pent up breath.

Then I had to get cleanin'! T was coming over around noon for a visit with her and the wee one. At 2:30 they arrived. Yah as kids do the little one chose to nap at the exact wrong time heh. It was a good little visit although her little one 11 months old would not let T out of her sight and did not even want us thinking of playing with her. She's a bit of a mama's girl. T was quite cute and brought a bag of food to give us so Keith wouldn't have to cook.

Today I went out solo for about 3 hours and it was nice to bum around and just do my own thing. I returned things, I bought things and I browsed to my heart's content. Great afternoon.

Alright time to go and enjoy the rest of my weekend. I've had 4 days off but the first 2 didn't count so I have to make the most of the these 2. Here's to health....and relaxing!

7:43 p.m. - 2014-01-11


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