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One down!

One injury down, one to go. Yesterday the clinic doctor decided we could stop packing my wound and finally let it heal over. I was nearly out of the room before he finished telling me (and I couldn't stop smiling all afternoon). Now we just have to go back to keeping the wound bandaged and clean until it heals over.

My wrist is doing much better but I'm not sure if it's the pills, the rest or the reduced work load. But I did get a call today that my claim was set up and the adjudicator told me things looked good and she didn't foresee a problem and to go ahead and book a physio appointment.

So all last week I've been emailing back and forth with one of Keith's sister. She emailed to ask me to call her. Yah I know. The only thing she told me was that it was to do with May. I was 99% certain it was to ask us to babysit their kids. I was actually getting kind of crabby about it. As in "oh sure we don't talk except at family events but now you want us to watch your kids". Well the joke was on me it had nothing to do with kids. She wanted to talk about Keith's b-day in May since he'll be turning 40. Whoops my bad. I think we're gonna try and plan a surprise party. I will be talking to his fam on the weekend when we go over for dinner. Luckily Keith is oblivious to who I am chatting to or what we're talking about most of the time we are there - although it helps when the weather is nicer and half of us are inside and the other half out. I am also going to mention the awesome gift I want to give him - with their help. I hope they think it's a good idea and want to contribute.

Well tomorrow is hump day. My friend C is on vacation and asked if I wanted to go out for lunch so she's picking me up from work so we can 'do lunch'. A nice little pick me up for the middle of the week!

8:50 p.m. - 2014-02-11


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