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Weather. Yah.

This weather sure does make people crazy and I am including myself in that category. We are all so sick of snow - freezing cold - snow - freezing cold - get the drift. Ah but today we are adding freezing rain and then just rain overnight. Sigh. We are all SO sick of it. That's the talk when meeting co-workers in the the elevator...walking to and from our cars. It's just sad. Sad but what else are we gonna talk about? Work? Ha.

I'm all pissy right now, I skipped walking at the track after work tonight cause I slid all the way home on my drive home (oh look more weather talk!). But after I got home I regretted wimping out then got all grumpy about it. Poor Keith. I wish the damn rain would just start already - let's wash some of this snow away shall we?

So yesterday was my Monday and today was my Friday. Now that was pretty awesome. For a Monday I had a great day yesterday. My co-worker, T's mom, told me that she heard on the radio my one and only Mikey was coming to our town. I hopped on line and found out not only was she right but that tickets were going on sale that day at NOON. To say I was jazzed would be an understatement. At 11:45 I was sitting in wait with my credit card. At noon I hit 'buy' and the damn thing wouldn't go to the right page - I finally figured out to hit refresh and voila I got me some front row tickets - I was BEYOND psyched!!! I got less psyched by the time I was driving home after walking at the track cause I had to confess to Keith what I did. I wasn't sure whether to buy 2 tickets or not then I decided I wanted him there so he was coming with! Oh sure he says he doesn't really want to go but once there he has a good time. Now I just sit back and wait....the concert isn't til June.

I had my second physio appointment today for my wrist. It's pretty slow going at least in my opinion but then again I don't know what I'm doing. We check my flexibility with this ruler thing - do some stretches with him holding my arm/wrist in a certain way that makes it hurt less when I do the stretches then we do the ruler thing again. He said once we get it the same as my left hand then we will work on strengthening my wrist and I should be good to go. Or at least that's how I'm interpreting it cause my therapist rambles and gets distracted while talking to me. He mentioned it can be a bit harder or longer because my arm/wrist has been inflexible for quite a while but I've only just sought treatment. Today and yesterday he taped my wrist. It's interesting just a piece of tape (well 2 pieces) but it makes quite the difference in how my wrist feels. Although I don't think the tape is going to make it til I see him again Tuesday. Just having it on last night til today it was pretty ragged!

Tomorrow I'm supposed to hang out with T. I wonder if the 'weather' will co-operate. Heh.

10:17 p.m. - 2014-02-20


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