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Friday 2:30pm

I'm sure I can't be the only person who feels the whole T.G.I.F. thing? I feel like hootin' and hollerin' it but #1 I'm at work and they frown on that kind of thing and #2 I'm at work and still have 2 long hours to get through. I was on fire this morning. I even got to work like 10 minutes early - yah this NEVER happens for me anymore. I was also super productive. Now? Well let's just say it's all I can do to keep from slithering on the floor out of my chair because I am d.o.n.e.

I've walked all week at the track and IF I go tonight that will be 5 days in a row. Now before you jump all over the "if" word let me just say my feet are refusing to go to the track unless mama buys them a new pair of walking shoes. I seem to have this 'thing' that I do to all my walking shoes that I did not realize til I began checking them out. I wear holes in the back of them. Right through several layers of fabric my wee little heels rub the heck out of that horrible annoying fabric and then once it does the job my wee little heels develop blisters as it rubs against the gaping hole in my shoe. Nice heel Nice. So tonight we are going shoe shopping at the big W as I have a couple gift cards burning a hole in my pocket for a couple years now. Yah sometimes I hang onto those gift cards like they are going to accumulate some interest or something.

So that 'brake' problem with Florida? Yah if you laughed at me when I said I fixed it I don't blame you. How I did not realize that the whole container in the car could be empty and there wasn't an underlying problem I have no idea - I'm pretty sure it was just self delusional denial that tries to protect me when life gets harsh (hey life Lighten Up would ya??). So we are now dealing with that - again. We are dragging our feet on bringing it to the shop - I mean how important is braking anyway? I jest - we are doing damage control and keeping me safe while I drive it but Keith is doing some research to find out what a few of the problems are and if he can fix them - the guy has managed to fix our cars a lot these past several years. Lack of money can be a great incentive!

My hair is limp. It doesn't want to be at work right now either. Protest!

Oh so before the big shopping trip we are going out for dinner. Using a coupon AND a gift card. I know - genius (for the record I originally spelled genius wrong). Today is the last day for the coupon and even though it's Pizza Friday I'm not in the mood for the za.

Tomorrow we head to the middle of nowhere - otherwise known as T's house - for a party to celebrate her wee one's FIRST birthday. A year has sure zoomed by. T goes back to work this Sunday. I may never see her again - work and a baby - she will no longer want to escape for a few hours but will only want to run home - which I get. Swimming will probably be off the table for a while. And of course my back has JUST got to the point where I would try swimming. The wound is healed. We no longer cover it or put on the poly. I still have an outline/rash of a bandaid though which is kind of funny to look at. Maybe that will be my tattoo if I ever get one. Heh.

Friday 9:40

Shoes have been bought but I did not go to the track as we ended up being out later than I thought. Ah well. At least I have new shoes! Maybe I can now keep up with a woman I see at the track all the time. She's probably a few years older than me and we're about the same body size but boy does this woman boogie! As a lark I tried keeping pace with her yesterday and holy hanna is this how fast I should always be walking? The answer is probably yes. Maybe with a shoe that doesn't rub my blister raw I will be able to do this - positive thinking!


My parents just called. My grandma is in the hospital. My uncle who she lives with thought it might have been a stroke but the doctor told my parents it seems she's really malnourished. She's skin and bones. I have so many feelings and thoughts on this but I can't put them into words right now.

Now it is time for bed even though it's Friday night. I was tired before my parents call...but now I am exhausted.


10:44 p.m. - 2014-02-28


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