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It's cool to hobble while I walk right?

Whoops it's been a while! I wrote an entry and never got a chance to post it - I believe it's still in my drafts folder. Anywho my weekend with the birthdays turned out just fine. We had a lovely birthday brunch buffet for my mom and sil. At 1 the party was over as my brother and his fam (they hosted the brunch) had to take off as my nephew was playing in a hockey tournament. My parents went to watch the game. Keith and I along with my younger brother, sil and the 2 nephews went bowling! It was D's first time. He did pretty good although that ball rolled sloooooow. Keith won the first game and I won the second. My sil wiped out - fell on her butt - the first game so she was a bit sore.

Since then I've been struck down by a cold. Last week I missed 2 days of work because of it. It was during the latest freak snow storm so I wasn't too upset but I did feel like crap and slept tons. I am almost over it.

This past Friday I took myself out on a date to the movies. I saw the Veronica Mars movie - opening night! Keith's not into the show so I went solo which I was a-ok with. I am glad I went right after work. I stopped and went shoe shopping - finally found a decent pair of walking shoes for the track - they were $129 but once I got the sale price along with a discount I paid $58 - success!

I bought my ticket for the movie and the girl told me it was nearly sold out - well that changed my plans of walking the mall for a bit! Instead I went to my car and grabbed my coat and went back into the movies and found people were already lined up - an hour early! Once we got in I found a decent seat - half way up - end seat. Normally I go for middle but I had a horrible unpredictable cough that I wanted to be able to run out of the theatre if I had to. Within 20 minutes the theatre was packed. I put my coat on my chair (thus the reason I retrieved it) and went and got my big bag of popcorn (the only money I spent since I had an admission ticket I bought from work at a discount price over a year ago). The movie an extra long episode of the show - which is to say awesome! I am SO glad I used my 2 sick days to watch all 20 episodes of the last season. It was great cause I had no guilt watching it cause I was too sick to do anything but lay on my back huddled under layers.

I am wicked sore right now. My walking has gone to a whole new level. Last week another walker at the track said hi and we started chatting. It's an older gentleman who is retired and can walk circles around me - literally - the guy is super fast and I could never keep up if I wanted too. Well he slowed down while we talked but I sped up at the same time and yowza was I sore. I then got sick and missed the rest of the week - this past Monday was my first day back. He came up to me at the track almost immediately and we laughed at how he thought he had scared me away with his talking. For the last 3 days he has walked with me. Surprisingly I don't mind as he's pretty interesting and he does most of the talking so I can concentrate on not passing out. What's not so great is that he may have a slight crush on me or is just really obsessed with my smile. I really really hope he keeps things neutral. When we are done walking he walks me out and then I can feel his intense interest. He knows I'm married. I talk about my husband. But still I get the 'crush' vibe which is hard for me to say cause I don't usually notice or if I do I brush it off and think I'm imagining it. I don't think I am this time. Like I said I hope his interest wains and he settles into the 'walking friend' category. Today he sort of grabbed my hand as we stood by our cars when I said I hoped to come out walking tomorrow. Stuff like that and his comments about my beautiful smile make me wary. I jokingly told Keith if I go missing to start with this guy! Don't worry I don't take candy from strangers or get into their cars!

Besides that not much is new! I have plans on Friday to get a facial (yay group on) and then take a ride in the country for a secret mission involving Keith's birthday but shhhh he doesn't know I'm meeting with his fam to plan a surprise party (here's hoping he still doesn't read this diary!).

But now I am going to hobble off to bed - my butt is seriously sore - here's hoping I'm actually 'walking my butt off'!

9:46 p.m. - 2014-03-19


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