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The bitter and sweet of it all

Now that was a nice rest. But first let me tell you about my grandma's memorial service. Keith and I arrived at my parents around 12:30 Friday afternoon - we made excellent time on our drive down. We sat and chatted for a few minutes then we got dressed in our best and headed down to the church (the service was at 2:30). We wandered around the church looking after D and S while their parents practiced singing. At 2:30 my family stood outside the main doors waiting for my uncle (the one who lived with my gram) to arrive. Finally at 2:40 he did. We then all filed in and that's when shit became real all over again. My oldest uncle got up to give a eulogy and his voice cracked a few times which I've never seen it do. Then my oldest cousin got up and gave a beautiful speech (pronounced my name wrong but meh I'm used to it). Then my youngest brother and his wife went up to sing but first my brother gave a little speech and I totally lost it because he could barely get through parts of it. He reminded all of us that one of my grandmother's favourite sayings when she was excited was "yes sah (sir)". It's hard to describe but I know we were all hearing her voice in our heads and smiling at the phrase. My brother also reminded us of the nickname she gave him and that made us smile and cry all over again. It was a very beautiful service. Afterwards there was tea, sandwiches and desserts made by the ladies of the church. I sat with my uncle for a few minutes and heard him being caught in a lie again but didn't pursue it as it's his life and I'm not sure when/if I will see him again. I'm sure my parents will try and stay in touch but I imagine he will avoid it if possible and only call/reach out when he runs out of options.

The rest of the Easter weekend was a beautiful medley of family, food and laughter. I spent more time with my older brother and his fam than I have in ages. I played a version of red light green light with D and my 15 year old niece with variations by D that had both of us laughing at his zaniness.

We left Sunday evening and the drive home was tinged with a bit of sadness on my part but overall I felt at peace.

My week off was just what I needed. It was the perfect mixture. I got stuff done (snaked a drain, cleaned out our 'hoarder' office and made dinner for my hubby each night). I got a whole lot of relaxing done (caught up on recorded tv shows, read books for hours while lounging on the couch in the middle of the day). I also managed to fit in a bit of exercising almost every day. I was glad I didn't have any projects or anything pressing to do. I even went for a massage where I was tortured for an hour. My shoulders felt like they were beaten to a pulp the next day but worse was my right arm. I told my massage guy about my tendonitis and he massaged the crap out of my arm and told me it would probably bruise (it did). But I guess in this case pain is a good thing?

Friday I met up with C and T at the mall for T's birthday get together. Weird place to meet but it was her suggestion. We ate in the food court then I whipped out a cake I had brought and we had it for dessert. After she opened her presents we walked the mall for the next few hours. Fun times. When I was telling C I was off work she made a comment about how I should have met her for lunch one day. I managed to steer the conversation to another topic, I couldn't tell her that my week off was a ME week and I needed to be myself to recharge.

Today Keith and I drove to his sister's where we both officially met our newest nephew. Man that baby is adorable. I held him for over an hour while he slept the whole time. Most of the time he slept lightly but near the end he zonked right out - his little mouth was open and I had him curled in a ball in my arms (his favourite position according to his mom) and he looked so damn blissed out. After our visit we drove to Keith's parents where we had a visit with his mom for a few hours. It was good. Well except for smelling like cigarettes when we left (it was nice to breath fresh air when we walked out the door!).

Tomorrow will be my last day of freedom and I know it will be tinged with sadness. Normally I waste my days off but I don't feel like I did that this time. I went to bed at a decent time, got up reasonably early and made the most of my days. Now if I could only win the lotto and do this all the time - with the odd trip thrown in if I get too bored!

Next week is a 5 day work week (boo) as I switched my flex day from Friday to Monday (May 5th). Friday after work Keith and I are headed to my parents once again as it's the Extravaganza weekend. We are helping set up Friday evening and will be up at 7am Saturday. Oh boy. Poor Keith. At least I was born into this craziness - he married into it!

10:59 p.m. - 2014-04-26


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