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Solo walking time is awesome

I guess the bloom has left this rose. My walking buddy snubbed me today. I haven't seem him in over a week and half cause I didn't go to the track in the evenings since before I was on vacation. Today I got there, began walking and he zoomed by me with a flippant 'hi' and kept on trucking. He's a fast walker so he did laps around me. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself and then popped my earbuds in my ears and thoroughly enjoyed my music and my ME time. I totally got my groove on and I desperately needed it. I was stressed to the max. Work is insanely busy (why? no idea) and I have 4 different things on the go as far making plans for close events and not so close events and 1001 lists are floating in my head of stuff I MUST get done yesterday. Then to top it off Keith and I sat down and did our taxes and got a huge slap in the face with his taxes. We thought for sure he'd get a refund oh ho ho no such luck. Exact opposite. F*ckedy F*ck.

But after my walk I seemed to have released most of my stress. I swear my heart was racing and my blood pressure was sky high when I got to the track, being able to listen to my music and pound the track was such a release! Gawd does this mean I enjoy exercising?!

Friday after work we head to my parents. I have a lot to do before then. Signs to make, things to paint - a ton of creativity which I am not known for. I'll wing it I know.

But now? Now I am taking this body to bed. I will pick up my book and read til a little after 10 at which time I hope to be nice and sleepy. Gotta catch up on some zzzz's cause this week is giving it all it's got.

9:30 p.m. - 2014-04-29


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