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2-4 weekend.....on the 17th....Oh Canada...

Whoa half way thru May - I've been slacking! Let's see when I last wrote I was going to my parents to help out with the church yard sale - check! We sold beanie babies - my dad got them from a friend who had a store years ago and just had them in storage. We made over $500 which was way more than I thought we'd make! I also got a few for myself (of course). It was a long and tiring weekend but worth it to help my parents out. They were on the go 24/7 up to and after that event. Crazy parents.

Last weekend turned out to be another busy one. My bff in Toronto turned 40 so we went to her party. I found a top in my armoire that I bought last year and never wore cause it was sleeveless and I bought it at the end of the season. I love it! I partied and drank and had an awesome time - it's been too long since I let my hair down (funny story at one point I literally did let my hair down from the bun I had it in and these 2 girls started petting my hair cause it was curly and wavy). Just before 3am we called a cab and took an expensive ride $30 to my friend A's as that's where we were crashing. I fell asleep almost immediately and had a semi restful sleep on a broken futon. My poor friend A was up all night puking - she mixed liquor and her mixes. After less than 6 hours sleep we got up and showered and headed to my parents to surprise my mom for mother's day. She was pleasantly surprised and loved her gift - it was a standing picture frame. I almost didn't get it in time and then when it arrived I was a bit disappointed with the handiwork but after reading the reviews I realize that's why it was the price it was. Luckily it's still a pretty nice piece I just wish it was better for my moms.

Now this weekend? Who knows! It's our long weekend - and I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me! I plan on getting up early and walking at 8am - showering then heading for a massage at 10:15. After that I plan to do a whole lotta nuthin' tomorrow. I think we will be staying home and doing local stuff. We thought of a mini road trip but might save it for next weekend - Keith's birthday weekend.

I'm trying my darndest not to make plans in my head and just go with the flow of the weekend. I have a habit of saying 'no plans' but then get pissy when we don't do what I came up with. Not sure that makes sense. But suffice to say I am learning to 'let go' and just go with it.

Well time to finish my first load of laundry - oh the excitement of Thursday night! But if I get my laundry out of the way 1 less chore to worry about doing on this extra long weekend!

PS - I forgot to update about my 'walking buddy' saga! Last I mentioned him was the the olí kiss off entry. Well 2 or 3 days later I was walking and who comes up beside me but good olí walking buddy himself. He started talking to me and I took one earbud out as I wasnít into playing games. Then he explained how the other night he was in a horrible mood that had something to do with dealing with his dadís recent death and dealing with his estate and he was just at the end of his walking and wanted to leave and knew he wasnít good company. Fiiiiine. I accepted his apology and now we are back to walking together when we run into each other. Things are thankfully back to normal Ė no passes, no longing looks etc. I am glad too cause when we walk the hour goes so fast and he pushes me to walk faster. (Okay fine he still compliments me a lot but at least no longing looks!)

8:34 p.m. - 2014-05-15


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