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To put it was an excellent long wknd

I was made for long weekends or they were made for me - you decide.

The kickoff - Friday - of my long weekend didn't go quite as planned, I didn't go walking like I wanted due to a slight bug or food poisoning of some sort - I'm not sure. Needless to say I was housebound til the pink stuff kicked in! Luckily for me I made it through my massage - all the while whispering a few prayers that the ol' pink stuff held up! Then because I'm a sucker for punishment I immediately headed off for an unplanned hair cut - which again luckily I came through a-ok. My hair on the other hand? The verdict is still out. It is short. Also blunt. Normally I try and get the girl to go choppy as it goes well with my wavy/curliness but this time I let her do almost a bob type thing. I figure what the hell it's just hair and it will grow. I go back and forth between loving and hating it. I'm not thrilled I can't even put it back when I walk so that was a bit of an annoyance today.

The rest of Friday was filled with other errands and very little fun. Keith got home late from work due to a flat tire (got it at work) so once home we went and got a repair kit at wally world. On our way out I began to feel horrible and had to leave the store and sit outside til Keith checked out. Once home I opted to lay down and around 8 I got up and had some toast before laying back down again. That was about the time Keith's stomach started to feel off as well. Luckily by Saturday morning we were both recovered.

We debated what to do as I found out Keith's been putting $20 a week aside for 'fun' money the last few months, we were gonna blow the wad but then decided to keep it low key and just stay home and have local fun. We headed out for the day and hit several thrift store shops which is one of my favourite things to do. I ran into an old co-worker at one - I barely recognized him as he grew a goatee and had different glasses. We went to dinner at a buffet that was very popular for it's sushi. I was nearly done dinner when I noticed people around with plates of crab - ah hells yes I was getting in on that deal! It was a delicious ending to a fun day. Once home I read for a bit then decided to walk off some of my crab and walked for almost an hour. I came back to find the house quiet and dark - it was only about an hour later that I realized Keith had gone to bed for the night! He slept 12 hours! But he needed it.

Sunday we did some much needed gardening and yard work and our front yard looks 100% better! We then decided to get a new bbq! Keith had points from one card or another so we got our $349 (taxes included) for $8.00! Then we found out it wouldn't fit in the car - but we jiggy'd it til it did. Then we spent 2 plus hours reading the non English instructions and manhandling the bbq til it was in one piece. Then we realized we had no propane left. We ordered pizza.

At 9:30 I dragged Keith out to the mountain behind our house and watched about 50 or more fireworks go off all over the city. It was absolutely amazing. I just kept turning around and seeing dazzling lights in the sky. One of the best ideas I've ever had to watch fireworks I must say!

Monday was the nicest day weather wise. Keith packed us a lunch and our fishing gear and we headed to a nearby conservation area where we spent a few hours fishing and hanging out in the fresh air and sun. It began to rain slightly which made us pack up and head home only to find out the rain was localized to that area and we still had sunshine and nice weather - score! I sat outside for the next couple hours reading in the fading sun - blisssss.

And that in a nutshell was my long weekend. Now it's back to real life and stressing over upcoming events. Luckily the package I was waiting for arrived today (with a f*cking extra charge that I was not too happy about).

I have to make sure to go to bed early tonight as I'm getting up an hour early to go and do blood work before work. Which means I guess I should get off this 'puter and get shit done!

8:30 p.m. - 2014-05-20


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