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I feel the need….the need to read! A play on words from the Top Gun movie….anyone? anyone? Just me huh. I can handle that. I’ve probably watched that movie over 30 times – I was a bit obsessed as a pimply teenager. So yah I’m jonesing to read – good books. I have 2 or 3 on the go at home and none of them really hold my attention. I’m reading a horrible series that I think the writer tried to ride the 50 Shades gravy train (the set was loaned to me by a friend so I feel the guilt to read them all – I made it through 2 of them and the third is just killing me softly – I am essentially reading porn over and over and over again and feel absolutely nothing. The words they use the actions they describe incite no response from me anymore. I did take a break after reading book 2 to read a book recommended by the same friend but this one was completely different and had me captivated from start to finish and thus I finished it in 2 days. I returned it to the library yesterday and thought about getting another book by this same author but her other 2 books look more gory and centre around abuse and stuff. I like a good thriller that doesn’t always involve sexual abuse of some sort. Oh the above book was gone girl by G Flyn. Not sure I spelled that right but close enough. A movie is coming out in a month or so with Ben Aff starring in it. It is a captivating book wonder if the movie will be the same?

So all this to say that I have not found another book to captivate me yet. But I guess that’s ok since I have a heck of a lot to do before this weekend and then on the weekend I will be too busy enjoy the fruit of my labours to take time to sit down and read. So tell me how do you nonchalantly rummage through your messy and chaotic furnace room looking for camping equipment and putting it aside without your husband who is in the next room 10 feet away not noticing? The answer – you don’t. Sigh. I had it all planned Monday to do this but the hubby went and ruined my plans. I had Monday off and after my lunch out with C I was going to go home and get ‘er done so to speak but then near the end of lunch I got a text asking me to come and pick the hubs up from work. I mean I guess I’m now thankful that we had 1 car down due to a dead battery or else I would have been caught in the act so to speak when the hubs came home unexpectedly. But having him home put the stop on doing anything remotely party related for this coming weekend. Thankfully – very thankfully – I have Friday off so I plan on being Super busy. I will find the camping stuff – drive it half an hour to his parents place – along with 101 other small last minute details that need to be taken care of.

Oh I forgot to mention the reason the hubby was sick is because once again I gave him a cold for his birthday! I came down with a wicked sinus cold Thursday – made it thru my work day but passed out cold for an hour after work. Then Friday I made it til lunch and then left. Ok most of that was due to having to pick up cake and balloons and making the hubby’s b-day a good one but when you have a head full of snot and pressure it’s not so fun. But I put on a fun face, swallowed some cold pills and took the hubs out for din and then Saturday we explored the country around us and had an excellent day. We had an excellent weekend for me being sick and lack of money! But then Monday morning the hubby mentioned he wasn’t feeling so hot and fast forward to lunch above and you’re all caught up!

Now I am feeling that excited overwhelmed feeling I get before big events and being unable to share with Keith my craziness I must turn to you! I have SO much to do but it’s all a matter of timing which kills me cause I want to do it now now now! I also can’t write my usual lists cause duh Keith may find it. So I decided to make 2 lists the ‘fake’ list meaning the stuff Keith can actually help me with and the ‘real’ list that only I can see and complete. Good Lord this man better be surprised on Saturday or I am going to be so upset! Now I have to add on my older brother’s birthday present which I forgot all about until this morning when I was in the shower thinking oh I have to remember to text my bro and wish him happy b-day today! Then I thought – shit – I’m seeing him on Saturday I should have his gift for him! Luckily I came up with a great present, now I just have to you know….go out and buy it. Then I have to sneak it to Keith’s parents without Keith questioning me about it. Luckily I jam so much shit into our car before trips that the man has stopped questioning when I bring out bags and bags of crap. But don’t worry the majority of stuff I plan on bringing is going up on Friday when I take my ride in the country. OH that’s another issue – everyone is asking me how to get to ‘The Farm’ as we call it – uh I don’t know. This is the country – and I don’t pay attention when we go and then I realized that everyone I know is coming from a different direction so even if I wanted to I can’t tell them how to get there and there’s no way in hell I can ask Keith!! So another thing to add to my list to find out. See – overwhelming – yet exciting! Mkay I’ve rambled on enough, better get back to work!

I text the hubs I would take care of din tonight. He was still feeling bad when he went to work this morning but since he doesn’t get sick days we can’t afford to have him off long. So rather than walk at the track tonight after work I will go home make us din (burgers on the bbq) and then walk tonight when the weather is cooler and more enjoyable to walk in. Then on my walk I can think of 101 more things to add to my lists! Oh joy.

10:19 p.m. - 2014-05-28


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