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Suprise Party 99.9% Success!!

No more secret keeping - yes!! What a weekend - let's dive in shall we?

Friday - my day off - I woke up nice and early and did not a heck of a lot - I got that 'I got too much to do so I'm gonna do nuthin'' thing that I sometimes do when I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. But rest assured I finally got my butt in gear and found the camping stuff, packed the car, packed us an overnight bag and showered and did errands before meeting a work friend for lunch and then driving to my in-laws. I spent a wonderful hour sitting outside with them just chatting (ironically we chatted about procrastinating!). I then zoomed home making it home before the hubby by about half an hour.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day. Keith spent some time working on our car cause we are having problems with the brakes - again (I effin hate that car) and did some lawn work (he has mowed every weekend this month!). We left around 2pm and made a few stops then I text his sister telling her we were on our way. We made excellent time - too good (!) and were 10 minutes earlier than expected. I text her when we were a minute away only to find out later she didn't get either of my texts due to being out in the country. Someone spotted our car and told everyone to hide - so my family booked it inside - all except for one nephew. What did he do? Oh he wandered on the front lawn in plain sight not bothering to you know HIDE or at least turn away from the car! Keith looked right at him and went "hmmm okay". Surprise down the drain. I am trying really hard not to be bitter with this nephew who is almost 9. He didn't seem sorry he ruined the surprise - he didn't seem to care really. Lettin' it go.

Once out of the car we went inside where my family stood waiting and yelled surprise to the man who now knew something was up. But one of his high school friends was also there (his other was a no-show) and soon Keith had a drink in his hand and was having a damn good time! I was running around between groups trying to get time in with family and friends then helping out with dinner preparations while my husband got pretty loose with the liquor. Luckily he just gets super happy so no drunk stories to tell!

After cake we gave him his present which is a walk around the cn tower, he seemed kind of shocked and then tried to tell me he hadn't said he wanted to do it! Me thinks he's a bit scared! Hehe.

The next few hours went by in a blur and before I knew it my family was leaving to head home for the 3 hour drive. Once gone I got our tent set up - the most half assed set up I've ever done - I threw the blankets inside willy nilly knowing we had no flash light and in several hours we'd be screwed (we were). But I didn't care. I switched into jeans and a sweater - grabbed my big bottle of vodka and my cranberry juice and sat down by the fire beside Keith's mom - where we sat patting each other on the back for the awesome job we did! I felt bad later thinking back on it cause his sisters did a LOT of work but his mom and I were taking all the credit! Ah well it was her place and I um had the job of getting the b-day guy there.

We spent the next few hours sitting by the fire until it was just Keith's mom, brother J, sister A and her husband and Keith and myself. Finally at about 3am we called it a night. Well all except Keith's mom and A's husband those two stayed up til the sun came up (crazy!).

This morning everyone was in ok form for the late night but the atmosphere was quite chill as we were all hung over and tired. By the time we packed the tent and all the other stuff in the car and hit the road it was 1 o'clock. We got home - had crap food for lunch and then just spent the afternoon relaxing. I showered, put on a dress (I never wear dresses!) and lounged and read a book for a while before the sun forced me inside (I lost my shade) and tackled the mounds of clothes in my bedroom - to hell with it Spring clothing is going away - I will just freeze if the weather goes to crap again!

And now. Now I am tired. I will be going to bed early tonight. I thought I would feel a bit of a let down after this event was over but I don't. I have 2 super awesome events to look forward to this week.

Thursday I am seeing Michael in concert - front row baby! Then I won tickets from a local radio station to a Lobsterfest event for Friday night (tix are worth $85 each). I am psyched for this week!! Not even a 5 day work week is gonna bring me down!!

8:45 p.m. - 2014-06-01


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