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Yup it is going to be THAT kind of day. I thought I would be able to sit here and act like itís another normal work day and go through my day but the more I think about tonight Ė seeing MB in concert the more I want to just get the heck out of here! I slept like crap last night, which I knew I would, cause my mind was already getting giddy about tonight. I popped a pill which made me groggy but not really enough to push me over the edge into slumber. So be it. It will be a double coffee day!

I had it all planned for tonight Ė I would walk for 45 minutes at the track Ė go home, shower and change and we would head out grab a bite to eat at one of the 2 restaurants I had planned on suggesting then go to the concert either finding street parking or walking the 10 minutes from my work parking spot. Then I got home last night after my walk and Keith was showered and changed and told me to do the same. Mkay. Money is tight lately so I knew going out to dinner wasnít a casual off the cuff thing. Then he showed me a note he got from work giving him a raise. He is working thru a temp agency and the employer he is working for gave a couple of them a $2 raise. Weird. But we went out and celebrated it cause Keith is tickled about it and he still hopes to get hired on there but knows there are no promises they can give. So I sacrificed our dinner out tonight for last night. This is important to him and it will be a nice bonus for us getting the extra money each week. Tonight we will have dinner at home (taco salad) and then we will go see MB Ė Iím down with it. Now I wonít have to worry about rushing to go out to eat or timing everything and getting panicky if we get slow service somewhere.

Now I will also walk for my hour instead of cutting it down to 30 or 45 minutes like I had planned. I can technically walk outside since the humidity has died down but I have been walking at the track for the last few days for a couple reasons. Besides the unstable weather (slight chance of rain!) I also oh boy how do I say this Ė Iíve been trying my hand at jogging. Or my version of jogging Ė meaning slow. Tuesday it happened by accident, my ipod died half way thru my walk. There was only 3 of us on the track so I decided what the heck letís see if I can make it around the track without needing an oxygen tank! Lo and behold I did it! And I didnít feel like dying! I walked the next cycle then tried it again. I did this for about 10 minutes before my legs said Ė ok thatís enough. Yesterday I got to the track and no one was there! It was empty. I walked for half an hour Ė went for a quick pee Ė came back still no one there so I walked in the other direction (oh the power!!) and then decided letís try this jogging thing again Ė and so I did cycles of walking and jogging for about 20 minutes. The last 10 minutes half a dozen people came and my alone time was gone. But that was okay I still did my wobbly jog, red faced and all cause Iím starting to learn Ė who cares how I look when I exercise? Are people going to stare that much if Iím breathing hard or running super slow? Maybe Ė but thatís their problem. I donít stare at them as they huff and puff beside me. Iím not sure if I will keep it up but itís been a fun experiment. Just knowing I can do it has been a huge boost for me. Iím a little more sore today the 2nd time Iíve tried jogging than the first Ė not sure what that means. My walking buddy has also been awol the last few weeks but then again so have I. Iíve only been averaging at the track once per week before this week and been walking outside the rest of the time. Not sure if Iíll ever be ready to try jogging out in the real world!

Oh and just to wrap up my last entry- itís been pointed out to me by people (here and in real life) that itís not my 9 year old nephewís fault he was wandering the field as we drove in but his parents. I guess I can accept that. But I did think he had a few more brain cells to know what a surprise is and what you should do when faced with the person you are trying to surprise. No worries he will still get a great b-day gift from auntie and uncle this August.

9:11 p.m. - 2014-06-06


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