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Another job bites the dust. I got home after walking today and Keith asked me how my day was - he doesn't normally initiate this conversation. I replied it was a Wednesday. He then told me he didn't have such a good day - he got let go. Walked off the property even.

This after getting a $2 raise just last week. We have our theories but the official reason is 'lack of work'. The theory? Keith was told by the temp agency to do a course online that was gov't required - he pushed back cause he wasn't given work time to do this and wasn't please with doing this during his free time for sans money. He wrote quite a snippy email yesterday to the temp agency quoting the gov't website and lo and behold today his boss went off on him at the team meeting this morning then 20 minutes later called him in - told him he was being let go - and 3 guys walked him out.

We are both in shock. Things were going good at this place. But the more time you have to look back and dissect things the more you realize things weren't as great as you thought. But that's now in the past and all we can do is move forward. Keith came home - shocked and stunned and immediately went on the job bank and began applying for more jobs - he even drove to a nearby place and dropped his resume off in person. I am so proud of him for that. He could have sat down and poured himself a stiff drink and I wouldn't have blamed him. I am sure he is regretting sending the snippy email to the temp agency (I myself am 99% sure this is the real reason he was let go) but instead he was productive. I doubt this will last as I know he's reeling right now. But I hope it wins over feeling sorry for himself or worse falling into a dark hole and not caring.

Just like last time my mom called (she called on the day he was let go at his last job) and again I cried. I don't know what it is with me and giving bad news! I try and be so strong for Keith that as soon as I hear a caring voice I just let go. I tried to end on an upbeat note with my poor mom. She had called to ask if we were coming down for father's day and then she had said she'd understand if we didn't want to come down. I told her I was pretty certain we were coming as what else would we do - sit and stare at each other and think about K being unemployed?

I am trying NOT to freak out. We have a modest savings built up that we were hoping to use for house repairs or towards a used car (Florida is again giving us major problems) but now that money may be earmarked for living expenses. I am just thankful we have it. Keith figured out he should be eligible for EI again but this time it will be less money so not so great but at least it's something if it comes down to that.

Time for bed and to spend a little time with the hubby - I think he needs it, I know I do.

10:01 p.m. - 2014-06-11


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