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Whew it's been a while since I updated! Keith is going into week 3 of his new job. We are both happy to see a second income flowing in. It's not his dream job and by the sounds of it it may just be seasonal but we're not looking too far in the future. We're taking it day by day.

I had a week's vacation last week. S and I went to Sauble Beach which is somewhere I've never been before. We had a beautiful couple of days and enjoyed our time together. S and I travel well - we both love many coffee stops and stopping at any place or attraction that looks interesting. That was the first part of my week off, the second wasn't so interesting or fun.

We are dealing with being down to 1 car. We had to send our buick aka 'florida' to the junkyard. Our mechanic listed everything that was wrong and the things that were about to be wrong and strongly suggested we not put anymore money into the car. It would have been nice if our other mechanic had told us this before we put $400 into the car a month ago. C'est la vie. It seems that we have found ourselves a new mechanic and she is much closer to us. Did you catch that our mechanic is a 'she'? Cool.

Saturday we went into Toronto so Keith could redeem his b-day present - CN tower edge walk. Look it up - it's pretty cool. I watched him on several monitors. The tower was insanely busy and with many newbies working there it seems as Keith had an express pass to come up and meet me on the main observation deck (I too had the express pass and it took me 10 minutes cause you get to line jump). It took him 1.5 hours. He didn't have his cell on him so we couldn't communicate and we both had no idea where the other was. I forced myself to remain calm and not get all pissy cause what good would it do? Instead I parked myself in a corner and people watched. We had about 15 minutes to explore the tower before we had to leave to make our reservations for dinner. I bought a groupon for a frou-frou place. The place was good but I wasn't too thrilled with the mandatory $10 tip they put on the bill. WTH?

So now I am back to work - boo. I am also back to getting up 20 minutes early and driving Keith to work then coming home - getting ready for work and then leaving for my work then picking him up after work. Ah well at least we have one car. We are in the process of trying to get some extra money for a car. We should find out in a few days if we get a bit more money. If not we have $2500 in savings. I just hope we don't get a money pit this time. My poor dad called tonight and is going to look at a car tomorrow for us up near him. He does find the deals, not sure if it's because he lives in a small town or if it's because he actually pays attention to cars for sale as he drives by them. Oh plus ppl in the congregation are sometimes trying to get rid of their vehicles and since they are most likely older drivers the cars are usually in decent condition. We'll see. At least we are able to deal quite easily with just 1 car so we are not in panic mode.

Work has been busy this week. Busy and hot. Our air con has been non existent and we are down half the staff in our department. But at least the days are going fast! Tomorrow is ice cream day throw by our staff association which basically me and one other girl are running, so I don't expect to be too productive tomorrow! My boss is away this week so it's been even sweeter not seeing her scowling face every time I walk to the bathroom (she scowls a lot - not at me I should clarify).

So that's what's going on. Now it is almost 10 and time to turn off the electronics and get lunches ready for work tomorrow and have a little down time with my book before sleepy-bye's.

Night night.

9:33 p.m. - 2014-07-08


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