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Ho-hum is a-ok with me

Not a heck of a lot has been going on, which now that I think about it is a good thing. We're still surviving on one car and it's working out A-Okay. We have a car waiting for us a few hours away but since my parents are on vacay we have to wait a while. Not a huge deal. It could become one if Keith's hours change OR he gets a new job. Yah when it rains it pours.

So the warehouse manager at Keith's job was let go a week ago. Him and the boss man did not see eye to eye so goodbye. Then Keith was asked to interview for the job. Good and Bad. More money but working closely with a micromanager boss who I am finding out isn't the most scrupulous and also likes to the play the blame game even if it's his fault. I told Keith to think about if he could work in that environment. Then he got a call from his ex boss from the Bread days asking if he could give his number to a 'milk' delivery guy who is looking for a driver. Then not a day later the ex-boss asked Keith if he would be interested in coming back to work for him. Not part time like when he first worked for him but full time on another route he is buying. So now Keith is considering that offer because he really isn't happy at the place he is at. It's also only seasonal a fact that we didn't know about when he was hired. But I guess it makes sense, not many roofers need roofing supplies in the winter. But enough on that!

It's my 3 day weekend. Next weekend is another 3 day weekend (except for everyone not just me). Then a 3 day work week then I am off on vacay for another week!

Tomorrow we are going to a 'surprise' party for T's guy. I say 'surprise' cause T is not big on details so when I asked her how she was getting her hubby not to be there she didn't have a plan then opined that maybe she would just let him stay home and be surprised as we all started to show up. Lame. Did I mention it's his 40th? Good thing he's used to T not going all out for him!

Keith works tomorrow til noon then we will leave around 2 I guess to head to the party. Which if it's not raining gives me time to go for a walk. I've been slacking on the walking lately so I'm trying to rectify that. I've walked 4 days this week and only skipped Tuesday cause I went to the movies with C. We saw Tammy. Not a bad flick but it could have been better. I overdid it with the popcorn but it was probably the greasy fast food before that that did me in. I got up Wednesday morning and felt horrible from being up during the night feeling ill. I called in said I would be late then went back to sleep for a couple more hours. I felt better then. I considered not wearing my chosen outfit - a skirt - but I made a pact with myself to wear a skirt (or skort same thing) once a week. I buy skirts and never wear them cause at the last minute I chose to wear something reliable and the same ol' same ol'. Thrilling I know.

Mkay time to go kick Keith off the tv and send him to bed so I can find out who was kicked off Big brother last night!

9:42 p.m. - 2014-07-25


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