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Hump day. Two more days til the weekend Ė the long weekend. Not soon enough.

The surprise party went off better than I thought. He wasn't surprised. T did send him away to go boating but he came back 40 minutes later because there were a few drops of rain. We got there just as he came back and T was super psyched that guests arrived before he came into the house. So even though the surprise was ruined everyone still had a good time.

So we are the proud new owners of a 99 Toyota Corolla. Yah itís old. But in good shape and has low kmís. Oh and the price was right. It was a little jumpy on the drive home Sunday afternoon but Keith changed the spark plugs and voila it purred like a kitten. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

We went and got this car Sunday morning as my parents offered to drive it to my older brotherís house. My parents were headed out of town to Nova Scotia. We cut out the middle man Ė my brother Ė and just met my parents at my old church and after the service and a quick lunch we parted ways. On the drive down Keith was drilling me pretty hard for what I wanted to do for my b-day this year Ė the big 4-0. Avoid it wasnít an answer he was willing to accept. I am honestly stumped. I think Keith also feels added pressure because if I do say so myself his birthday rocked. But that was pretty easy cause we rarely do things on a grand basis for his birthday while mine is a month long celebration with family and friends almost every weekend in September. Iíve been trying to give it some thought but so far I am coming up with nothiní. If you have any ideas let me know!

So last night I went out with 2 friends Ė my ex bellydance instructor and another girl who was in her class. Normally thereís 4 of us but the other girl couldnít make it. The backstory is my ex teacher who I am now going to call Diva in this diary wanted to go see a play Ė Les Mis Ė and I declined due to finances but also because this is not something I would go out of my way to see but I didnít mention that. Diva offered to pay for my ticket and insisted I come. She said she came into a bit of money when her mom passed away and she wanted to treat me. Fine. Fast forward to 2 days ago when we were firming up plans and I told Diva that Keith had found a job so to let me know how much I owed for my ticket. We discussed our plans and nothing was mentioned about the money. Did I offer to pay? Yes. Did I expect to pay? No. I donít know it just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. But lesson learned. Next time I am asked to go somewhere regardless of if I can afford it I am going to consider do I WANT to go to this event. If I had just mentioned in my original email that it wasnít something I was that interested in attending I wouldnít have put myself in that predicament. I do recall that I had poo-pooíd one of her other ideas about something I definitely didnít want to attend and I think this was my tender hearted way of trying not to hurt her feelings. Then when she said she would pay for me and I said no and she Ďinsistedí well I felt it ungracious not to agree and say a big thank you. The other lesson I learned? Separate cheques at dinner. I donít drink when I am driving so when we go out I tend to pay a bit more when we Ďsplití the bill evenly. I donít think Diva was too happy when I pointed out my $2.35 ice-t was a lot less than their alcoholic drinks. Donít worry Iím letting it all go now.

I am wicked tired right now. I had about 6.5 hours of sleep and that is nowhere close enough for me. I havenít seen Keith since yesterday morning when I saw him for 30 seconds to say goodbye. I text him earlier asking him to find out if he has Monday off or not. Heís not sure and I need to know so I can know whether to cancel our motel which I only have til Aug 1 to do.


Well I wrote the above while at work - then it was time to go THEN I went and sat beside my car reading for a good hour because I locked my keys in the car! I didn't realize I did it til I went to leave at the end of the day. I had to wait til Keith got off work. Luckily I had went to the library at lunch and I was reading a very good book. Mkay bedtime, I need to be asleep half an hour ago!

10:26 p.m. - 2014-07-30


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