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Finding a Balance

My parents tell a story that when I was just a wee one I used to go around singing "you asked for it you got it 'odda". I guess I couldn't pronounce Toyota. But that came to my mind after reading notes from my buddy list! ;)

Now onto Discipline. I guess I sounded pretty bound and determined to become disciplined and was reminded in my notes that I shouldn't forget to live in the moment. I couldn't agree more! In fact I even did just that - lived in the moment on Wednesday. My sil text me Monday and said they were meeting my older brother and his fam at a water park and asked me to ditch work and come along. I thought about it for 2 seconds and said yes! I felt a tad guilty about calling in sick (I would have been denied a vac day) but life is too short and spending the day with all my nephews and niece was too good to pass up. It was a beautiful day and I had an amazing time splashing around with them. Admittedly most the splashing was done with the 2 redheads as the other 3 kids are older and took off to do their own thing as soon as they got there. D and I were thick as thieves most of the day. Even S warmed up to me and even ran to me a few times which he has never done. Pretty awesome.

Now back to being disciplined! Or talking about it. I think I just have to get out of the mindset of not doing things because I am 'too tired' or I 'don't feel like it'. I just have to give myself a little talking to and force myself to be productive. Usually once I start I am fine. Although my walk this morning was a challenge cause I did not want to be out there walking. I had left it too late so by the time I went out it was humid and I was tired cause I didn't sleep in like I wanted to. But I did it. Discipline! Then when I got home rather than grab a book and head outside for the day I alternated between doing 'me' stuff like catching up on Big Bro and cleaning out our bedroom which I am going to paint next week. I think I found a very good balance. The room is pretty much emptied of all 'stuff' and 90% of clothes. I think Keith is going to be surprised when he comes home in a few minutes. I'm pretty sure he thought I was all talk when I told him I was going to paint our bedroom by myself.

Tomorrow is my family reunion. By the sounds of it it's not going to be much of one though. It seems an elderly family member passed away this week and her son planned her service for tomorrow. Yah. So half of the family will attend the service and the other half will hopefully attend the reunion. The other half including myself and my brothers. We didn't really know the lady who passed away. My parents did so they will be going to the service and apparently it is a few hours away so they won't even be able to make any of the Family Reunion. Sad. My mom is pretty sad I think over the death and the fact she can't attend the reunion (it's her family) plus she was looking forward to seeing us (her kids) of course. Poor mom.

Alright Keith is home with pizza - time to go and spend time with my hubby!

5:41 p.m. - 2014-08-08


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