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Boo to summer colds!

Not quite the vacation week I envisioned. Let's start with my family reunion. Like I predicted the day was a bust. The hostess of the day was m.i.a. for most of the afternoon so no games were played and the potluck never got off the ground. There were about 18 of us and it seemed quite segregated. Segregated in 'that' way. Half of my family is African American on my mom's side. For some reason when a family came in they sat on the other side and didn't speak to us except for saying hi. Not out of nastiness they just kept to themselves. We managed to still have a pretty good time, we hung out with one of my relatives Dante who is a good kid. Luckily Keith and I had brought several water guns and they were the hit of the afternoon. By the time the hostess came back we had decided to pack up and head out. My older brother and younger brother and their families all decided to go out for dinner together - that was a journey unto itself - 3 cars, 2 gps' in Toronto all trying to follow each other to restaurants that were either closed or no longer existed.

After that debacle I began to feel not so good - my throat was pretty sore and I was super tired. Sunday Keith's family was going to meet at the car derby especially his brother who is back from Japan but only for a week. We said yes to meeting up and headed out. It was a hot day and we sat in the broiling hot sun but the derby was crazy entertaining. We went back to the Farm afterwards and spent some time with his whole family and then when pizza arrived we called it a day (we had pizza 2 days in a row before that).

Monday I spent the day cleaning out our bedroom and then taping the room preparing it for painting. Then I went and ran a hundred errands trying to get all the painting supplies (not as simple as one would think). Tuesday I woke up still not feeling any better but I decided to push through and start priming the walls. I did it and by the end felt absolutely horrible. I quickly showered and passed out for an hour and a half. I felt marginally better waking up but still was out of commission for the rest of the day. Last night I went to bed at 8:30 read for a bit and asleep by 9:30. I slept for 11 hours. Still woke up sick. Damn.

Wednesday - today was my pre-planned beach day with T. Of course not only was I sick but it was overcast and cold out. I showered and waited for T to arrive sure she would want to do something else - nope - she showed up in her swimsuit! So a (cold) beach day it would be! We hit a few thrift stores on our travels and then in a nearby town I mentioned I always wanted to swim in the awesome outdoor pool and T agreed! We changed our plans and decided to swim and then have a small bite to eat and then do a little more window shopping. It turned out to be a great day despite my feeling under the weather. I'm just glad I was feeling well enough to go out and have fun today!

I hope I will feel up to putting another coat of primer on the wall tomorrow but I won't push myself if I don't. If the bedroom doesn't get painted this week it's not the world's biggest disaster. It will wait. Friday evening we are supposed to be headed to my younger brother's and spending the weekend with them. I hope both Keith and I are going to be healthy enough - yup Keith is starting not to feel well too. I am so over this cold or whatever I have - this sore throat won't go away and last night I was freezing - hands and feet - while feeling feverish everywhere else.

Here's hoping my 3rd vacation week in September goes much more smoothly! Oh and no painting of rooms ever again during my vacation - live and learn!

8:49 p.m. - 2014-08-13


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