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How many ribfests can you go to in 1 summer?

Tuesday's Entry:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have those days where you show up for work but not actually do any work? You could catch up on your banking or spend hours on the internet reviewing internet sites for a weekend away or for a night away to celebrate your anniversary? Yah that would be great.

I was all by myself yesterday at work in my department which suited me just fine. I didn’t have to go on phones which means I didn’t log onto the system which tracks my every gd move. I switched my lunch hour and went for a nice walk with a co-worker and it was just nice. Today we are all back. Today I am back on phones and back to having my every move tracked. I feel like a convict sometimes. No move is unaccounted for. They even know how often I go to the bathroom. Sometimes it seems these golden handcuffs are not worth it. Then I get paid and that thought goes away. Sigh.

So the end of my vacation ended better than it began. I was healthy which is a huge start. Keith and I left for the weekend Friday afternoon when he got off work a whole hour early. We took the back way so didn’t have to deal with crazy Toronto traffic. I was feeling a whole lot better so I drove. Saturday we woke up to a cold and rainy day – so no beach day. We went to the ribfest downtown and managed to walk around for a bit before the sky opened up on us and it rained quite heavily for a good hour or so. We ate in a covered tent and then made a run for it back to the car – all of us soaked despite the umbrellas. Once back to the house the kids went down for a nap and so did the adults! We all slept for a couple hours and then got up –all except the almost 2 year old who woke up – cried – then went back to sleep for another 2 hours! Our plans for a bonfire that night were also kiboshed so rather than go to my parents trailer they came to us. We managed to fit in a game of scrabble and my parents left at midnight. Next morning was church, my bro and sil left with our car and we took the kids to church getting there just as it started! It was weird being there and my parents not being there! My dad is still on vacation so they went to another church in the area. That afternoon we all met up at my older brother’s for a birthday party for 2 of my nephews. The sun finally made an appearance and it was a beautiful afternoon! I even went swimming with a few nephews and my niece despite the water being ccccccold! Then after a bite to eat and some tasty cake we headed for home where the traffic surprisingly wasn't complete hell.


I am wondering if I am reading too much into everything anyone says - because of my birthday. I guess I'm just on high alert cause I threw Keith a party. Now I pretty much know logically Keith is NOT going to through me a party - it's just not his thing. But he keeps asking me about my birthday and what we are doing or what I want to do. I guess he could just be being a good husband and make sure I'm not disappointed on my 'big day'. The girls, C and T are also acting kind of weird. C emailed asking what I wanted to do and said 'not shopping I'm sick of that' at which I had to remind her we don't go shopping for my b-day we go to the horse races - which incidentally is what I want to do again this year. I thought about it and I enjoy going to the casino and betting on the horses - why change it just because of the number?

A'ight it is time to go to bed. Last night was a late one - thank goodness tomorrow is my Friday. A 3 day weekend. Of course it's jam packed. Friday I am continuing the painting of the bedroom. Saturday is ribfest with C and her hubby then that night going to Keith's parents to hang out with his mom and sisters and drink ourselves silly. T said she would go but not sure if that will actually happen. Either way I'm going. Then Sunday I'm sure it will be more painting before starting another work week. Wow - I just bypassed my whole weekend - how wrong is that?? One day at a time missy one day at a time!

10:21 p.m. - 2014-08-20


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