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Last long weekend of summer

Ah September! 14 days til my birthday - not that I'm counting! Well the last long weekend of summer is over. Recap time!

Saturday I had low expectations as Keith had to work and normally he's too knackered to do anything for the rest of the day. I had asked him earlier in the week if he wanted to make a trip to our favourite local thrift store with me to drop off a few boxes and he had said yes. We did go and then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon driving the country roads and hitting more of our favourite stores. We spent a bit more than planned - but we got an amazing deal on 2 king size sheet sets so we were okay with it. Oh and the suggestion about a heating pad would be a good one for us except my husband and I are 2 of the sweatiest people out there - especially Keith. We can't even do the cuddle thing in bed because after 2 minutes we're both so hot! Sorry for the tmi!

Saturday night after Keith had gone to bed I checked my phone and found a text from S. She was cancelling our beach day (we had planned to meet up Sunday for a beach day if the weather was good). She had blown a tire was worried they wouldn't find a place open to get a new one. I had to remind her the holiday wasn't til Monday and Sunday everything was open (well big box stores at least). I told her we were still going - I had psyched myself up too much not to! Sunday was overcast and humid when we got up but the clouds were lifting and the weather network was promising nicer weather so we took a chance and packed the car and headed for the beach!

The weather cleared up nicely and S and the singer eventually arrived and we had a lovely beach day. The only hitch in the plan was parking. It's $20 for the day but we didn't think we would stay much past 6 since the weather was supposed to turn nasty so we didn't put the full amount in - turns out the weather network was wrong - it was still beautiful. We had to keep cramming money into the machine. We had devised a plan and parked S's car in a free area and we carted them back and forth. We were supposed to split the parking but yah that didn't happen - S 'forgot' to reimburse us.

Today I was up almost as early as Keith - him because he has to not stray too far from his work sleep schedule and me due to allergies. S and her guy didn't come out of their bedroom til 10:30 or so. We then went out for brunch and came back and finished a really bad movie S had brought then the Lego movie. Finally they headed out. Wait that sounds bad I know. It was good having them but we were both so tired that we were ready for some alone time. I also felt out of sorts as the house is a disaster. I cleaned the spare room but besides that I just left it as is. I am in the middle of purging and so I am slowly putting our bedroom back together. I plan on taking my time this week - in between a whole lot of relaxing. Here's to a slooooow week off!

8:50 p.m. - 2014-09-01


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