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Vacations....too short & too infrequent

Well another vacation week just about bites the dust! The week turned out nothing like I planned (does it ever?) but it was a good week nonetheless. I had these ambitious plans of walking for hours on end in parks and places I have never been - well the weather mostly took care of that combined with my horrible sense of direction (Keith has our gps since he needs it for work). One day I was looking for a certain park in a nearby town after doing some errands - somehow I ended up on the highway and travelled about 30 minutes before I could get myself turned around and head back home - sigh. The weather seemed to be either brutally hot or heavy with rain. Both not ideal for walking! Ah well I did manage to get quite a bit done inside - our bedroom has come together pretty well - except for hanging stuff on the walls, I'm saving that for after we put in our new bed since with all the rigamaroll I don't want to knock anything off the wall by accident. Today was probably my most productive, since here's the way we need to do things: carry our old couch out to the curb, move our futon to the living room, move our bed into the spare room, wait for delivery of new bed. This all has to go down starting tomorrow. Our new bed arrives Wednesday.

So needless to say I've been cleaning and organizing, I have got rid of SO much stuff it's ridiculous. It kind of makes me wonder why I have held on to 'stuff' for so many years. It's nice that I am learning to let go though. I associate memories with stuff. Now the stuff just annoys me as I want less clutter in my life.

Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day - my last day off - I start off with a blood test I have to fast for then several errands. All I know is that I better be able to fit in some R&R time! Me a book and some pink lemonade on my front deck!

Tonight I spent too many hours viewing hotels online. We have decided we will go away overnight for our anniversary this year. It falls in the middle of the week which is a good thing cause it's Keith's day off so I went ahead and booked that day off too. Now we just have to decide on a place to stay and we will be set. Oh and somewhere before that is my birthday which I keep skipping over for some reason! As a nice surprise my parents are coming down that day and we will be going out to dinner. They will also stay the night. Feeling the love already!

Alright my laundry is almost done, time to grab Keith's work shirt and sew a button on it for him. He didn't ask me to do this I decided to surprise him with this awesome display of wifeliness!

I also have to convince my body to go to bed before 1am. Buh-bye vacation bedtime!

10:09 p.m. - 2014-09-07


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