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Birthday grrl in da house!

The Big 4-0. Although it's nice whenever I tell people how old I am they act shocked. Guess I look younger for my age - that or I never act my age (probably more like it).

I had a pretty sweet day. It started with a call from my parents singing happy birthday. Then I got up and took myself out for breakfast. I then headed for my massage after a quick break in which I called a customer service hotline and dealt with an issue in a timely manner (that never happens). My massage was painful as usual - so much stress - so many muscles to torture. Pretty sure my arm is gonna be bruised. Then I booked it over to the next town for my mani and pedi. The woman was super nice. We chatted the whole 2 hours. I got a nice 'fall' orange for my toes and a French manicure for the nails. I then had a light bite to eat and did a bit of b-day shopping at places that gave me a discount ;)

Then my parents sent me a text they were on their way so I finished my shopping and then stopped at the driver's vehicle place to get stickers for the cars. The not so fun part of my day - shelling out all the dough.

For dinner we did go to the lobster place, my parents brought a small cake for me and had the restaurant give it to me after the meal. My parents are awesome. My mom also included in my gift a journal I gave her a few years back that asked her all sorts of questions and she has had a chance to finally fill it all out. I can't wait to read it - I'm sure there will be a few teary eyed moments!

Now I must go finish my laundry (I know - on my birthday!) and take my chicken out of the oven (I had planned on bbq'ing but forgot and brrr it's too cold and late out!).

8:23 p.m. - 2014-09-15


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