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4 for 40?

I have got to recap this month! My birthday was on the 15th (incidentally the last time I did laundry!). My parents came down and took Keith and I out for dinner and my mom brought a cake and had the restaurant present it to me. It was a wonderful day made special by having my parents there.

2 days before my birthday I went to the horse races with T and C and their hubbies and had a wonderful little party beforehand where we toasted the evening with champagne - both to my 40th and T's new store. I got some wonderful thoughtful gifts (oh and some kinky sex toys from C that she found hilarious and I will never use) and a new camera from Keith. I won not a penny on the ponies but I didn't care it was an awesome night.

Then last weekend on the 20th we drove to my younger brother and his family to hang out as my sil was off work. We drove to the Fair where it poured rain on us over and over. We headed back to their place where my older brother and his family were waiting (the rain scared them away from the Fair) and within minutes my parents arrived and we were having a Family birthday for moi. It was a lovely night and I admit I was curious that my husband hadn't tried to surprise me but I know he's super busy these days getting back into his old 'new' job so I considered my b-day a success and moved on to planning our Anniversary on October 1st.

But first we had to go up to visit my parent's this weekend to celebrate THEIR anniversary. 46 years! Keith had to work Saturday so we planned on leaving when he got home. At 8:30am I got a text from him, it was going to be a longer day as the part time guy had called in sick. We had hoped to leave by 12 or 1 but he wouldn't be getting home til almost 2pm. By the time he got home he was so tired he had to take a nap. I called my parents and they were heading out to a wedding my dad was officiating. We were finally on the road by 4pm! We decided to stop at a restaurant that Keith heard about from a guy at work for dinner. I called my parents but they weren't home so I didn't feel guilty my mom would have dinner waiting for us. We got to the restaurant which looked pretty cool - a pub type place but it was super busy and we had to be seated upstairs. We walked up and around the corner and there was all my family and Keith's too yelling SURPRISE at me. I could have been knocked over with a feather! I stood there with my mouth open and even went a little lightheaded for a few moments. A surprise? For me? But I had a party. I had 2 other parties! But this was my big birthday bash that Keith has been planning for months! I was shocked and overcome with emotions with the major one being happiness. My husband as it turns out wasn't working late but needed an excuse to leave late. He actually went and had lunch at a park and took a nap in the car! My younger bro and sil even made a family feud style game about moi. Even I had trouble answering the questions! It was a truly lovely night. T and her hubby showed up a few hours later as she worked at her new store and was under the weather. I couldn't believe she had made the 2 hour drive. She said truthfully she had been waffling and had been considering not coming and then she asked herself "would curious-me do this for me?" and the answer was overwhelmingly YES. Too funny that girl. C on the other hand opted out. Not even gonna go there. Her decision.

I didn't stop smiling all night and Keith was happy he no longer had to worry about the surprise being ruined and could sleep soundly again! He was also happy he managed to get one over on me! My family and friends are awesome! I don't say it enough but my husband is the bestest. Me think he really does love me!

Keith and I were also pretty giddy on our drive home - we have an awesome week to look forward to. On Tuesday we are heading to Niagara Falls after lunch (I work til noon) for a wonderful anniversary dinner and an overnight stay. Wednesday we are both off and will do as we please until we are forced to head home and back to real life for 2 days. Then Saturday Keith is off and we are going to head to Toronto for the night and on Sunday afternoon we will go see Wicked (a birthday gift from Keith!!!). Just thinking about this upcoming week makes me so happy. Oh and we kick off the week with a chiro appointment tomorrow - I will need it after my spill last week. Oh did I mention that? Nope I haven't posted for a while.

Well, last week I decided to walk to the grocery store at 8pm. Not late but it was already dark out. To get to the store the short way there is a short tree covered path that is unmaintained and uneven. I walked through it, did a little shopping and then decided to walk back through it even though I knew how uneven it was. Yup, you guessed it, I stepped off the crumbled path spraining my ankle and falling down. I whimpered for a few seconds trying not to cry and then because it was dark and creepy where I lay I hobbled ungracefully to the sidewalk in plain view of people and out of the woods where I sat rubbing my ankle for several minutes and finally stood up being able to put a bit of weight on it and hobbled home. Idiot. Everyone asked why I didn't call Keith. A) I didn't have my phone and B) Keith was sleeping so he wouldn't have heard the phone. I hobbled the next few days and iced non stop along with some drugs to ease the pain. I am pleased to say I am doing a lot better. It is still slightly swollen but no more limping! But my back is pretty sore (and my calves) from the limping so chiro tomorrow will be much appreciated!

Now I must finish my laundry and head upstairs to get ready for work tomorrow and push this week along to when the fun begins! For once I am not dreading Monday - heehaw!

9:05 p.m. - 2014-09-28


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