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October weekends....not for the faint of heart

I have a feeling this week is gonna fly by! On second thought, forget the week - this month is gonna fly by. We have something planned for every weekend this month! It involves not being home every weekend which makes me tired just thinking about it but that's okay my dad only retires once (the majority of events taking up our weekends).

Tomorrow I'm going to the movie with a couple of my girlfriends seeing Gone Girl. We all read the book. Then Wednesday after a quick din with my hubby I am going over to T's to babysit! Yah I'm a tad nervous about that. I picture a lot of crying and not on my part. T's little one is quite attached to her parents so getting her mind off them should be interesting. I'm up for the challenge! Less up for the challenge is watching their dog as well. They don't have a fenced in back yard nor a real leash and last time I was there the dog had lost it's collar. Should be interesting pee times for pup and I! I will be spending the night as T and J won't be home til almost midnight and no way I'm driving home that late. And that will bring me to Thursday my last work day this week! Then it's on to a 4 day weekend!

I almost talked myself into walking tonight at the track but dang it if I can't find Keith's ipod (pleeeease don't tell him I lost his too!). Then I lost all ambition so I hopped into my pj's and am finishing my laundry instead. I'm not too heartbroken, today is the first day I've walked with no limp at all so I don't want push my ankle too much). It's been almost 2 weeks since I sprained it and I'll say it's healing quite well. My chiro did click it in different places which helped. Although I don't remember much about that appointment because I had low blood sugar and felt horrible during it. I've changed one of my meds and it seems to make my blood sugar crash at 5pm. I have to start being diligent about having a snack between 3 and 4 I guess.

After a shaky start Keith and I had a good night away Saturday. We had a few words after he was being a cranky pants but we talked it out and let it go. I finally got to see T's new store. It's bigger than I thought. A lot of responsibility. I can only imagine.

Wicked was great. We were in the nosebleeds and the teenage boy in front of me nearly threw out his back cause he managed to move every 2.5 seconds and was so bored I could read the thought bubbles above his head BUT somehow I managed to ignore all that for the most part and concentrate on how awesome the show was. I am so pleased that Keith enjoyed it as well!

Alright dryer is done time to fluff and fold then upstairs to do a million chores before bed time!

8:25 p.m. - 2014-10-06


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