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Let the super duper long weekend begin! Canadian Thanksgiving! I had today off as well - 4 day weekends are not for the faint of heart. Luckily I'm a pro.

So the babysitting gig went over without a hitch...mostly. First off T's mom tried to usurp me by telling T she reconsidered and could babysit but T told her I was already doing it so tough luck. Okay she probably used different words - but seriously? What a gal. She was just feeling guilty cause she said no to her daughter and her reasons were a bit weak. Anywho I got to keep the gig and I arrived on time. The wee one had a wobbly lip when her parents left and a few tears were shed for about 1.5 seconds until I distracted her with my awesome playing skills and we played for the next couple hours until it was bed time in which more tears were shed when she was left alone in her crib. Although the crying sounded more like singing after a while. Eventually she fell asleep and I went up to check on her to find her sleeping with her butt up in the air - adorable.

The dog on the other hand. Boy howdy that dog is needy!! She wanted to be petted NON stop. Apparently her grandma spoils her rotten when she is over and the dog expected that from me. Um nope. Then when it was bedtime for me the dog jumped up on the bed and again I was having none of that. I found out that she peed on the floor later that night. She had gone out before I went to bed so my guess is she was mad at me.

I was super tired from that gig as I barely slept because of the baby monitor and the dog clacking around the whole house all night so last night I went to bed early and slept for 10 hours - bliss. I got up this morning and was actually being productive when Keith called around 10:30 and told me he was done work and came and picked me up in the bread truck (which we dropped off and went and picked up our car) and then did a bit of shopping until 2 when Keith was too tired to keep on going. I carried on solo and did some more shopping but that's only cause I wanted to buy some retirement paraphernalia for T's mom for the end of the month. I found a few things so I was happy and done.

Tomorrow after Keith gets off work we are heading to my parents for Thanksgiving. Monday morning we head to his parents for more turkey. Good times indeed!

(Oh and PS I asked Keith casually if he had seen his ipod - the jig is up he now knows I lost his too - luckily my husband loves me and has a sense of humour!).

8:40 p.m. - 2014-10-10


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