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2 positives and 1 negative

Productive Day. Actually it's been a productive 24 hours. I got the cleaning bug and have been cleaning the house and my car. Let's hope that bug leaves soon.

But one good thing to come out of it was that I found not ONE but BOTH missing ipods! Finding mine was a fluke. I had searched in that same area a few times but today I was moving things around looking for reusable bags and when I went back into the room there was my ipod sitting on top of a pile of hangers. Weirdest thing ever. But I'm not complaining. I had decided my ankle is healed enough to start walking again it's just trying to figure out when so I layed it all on the line with Keith and we decided I should go back to walking directly after work as that's what worked for me for so many months. He wasn't too thrilled with it but I told him after seeing him off to bed at 7pm I am really not motivated to leave the house when it's cold and dark out and go out to the track and exercise. We'll see next week how it goes.

I had a massage today - not with my regular guy - and I was so sore during the whole thing. I know I have cement for shoulders but I felt like he was hurting me the whole time. Unless I wake up feeling better for it tomorrow I won't be going back to him. I'm pretty sure he just leaned his 250 pound body on me during the whole time. Ouch.

After the massage I headed over to C's to go to the book sale. We paid $10 early bird fee this year as C didn't want her arm being jostled (it's in a sling). We got there with about 200 other people who also were paying customers. Crazy. The rest of the weekend there is no fee. I bought 20 new books so I was happy. I shall be reading for quite a while.

I tried walking the people pleaser line and failed miserably. I made din plans with both C and Keith and ended up disappointing my husband. I felt horrible. Guilt tends to sit with me. It was even worse cause rather than go to bed he stayed up and waited for me just so he could surprise me with my new phone which arrived in the mail today and he had all ready for me. Ugh.

Poor guy. First a cracked tooth on the weekend and now a wife who comes home late and doesn't bring him dinner (he told me not to, I wasn't being mean).

But tomorrow we are going up North once again. A friend of the family is holding a dinner party for my parents except the dinner party on Saturday has turned into lunch on Sunday as my parents are attending a funeral in Quebec tomorrow.

Keith and I will be staying with my brother and his fam. Should be a fun night tomorrow - it's been a while since the 4 of us hung out for any time together! (After the kids are in bed of course!).

Alright time to wrap this up and hit the hay!

11:02 p.m. - 2014-10-17


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