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I set my alarm early this morning Ė only 15 minutes. I got ready quickly and left my house early as well. Why? Because I procrastinated last night and was all Ďmehí about everything. We have no edible bread that I enjoy in the house and that led me to not making my lunch or setting my coffee for the morning or really doing anything to prepare for today. It was that kind of night. Iím not sure why, but I do know I was in a bit of a funk. Well this morning changed that!

I stopped and bought a coffee then stopped and bought a few needed groceries to get my day rolling along and made it to work on time for once. I also packed my walking clothes and am determined to go to the track tonight after work. I would have went yesterday but I remembered I was scheduled to give blood after work so I went to do that instead. Not that it did me much good, I was told to hit the door they didnít want my blood. My iron was too low. A lot lower than normal. Normally Iím only a few points off but yesterday the passing grade was 125 and I was 103. Ah well. Better get eatiní the red meat I guess.

I am trying to force myself into not procrastinating for this weekend. Itís a big weekend. My dadís retirement. His last service. Well as a Ďfull timeí minister. I know he will guest preach at other places but this is a huge deal. Apparently all of the family is part of the service even I have to go up and do a reading. If you know anything about me you know that I hate to speak in public. Guess Iíll be facing that fear this weekend! Iíll do it for my dad. I just get stage fright I guess is what youíd call it. The words kind of go blurry in front of my eyes and my voice gets this tremor. I really donít know why. Especially when the rest of my family can get up and speak easy peasy! Unfair I tell ya. Iíd do a shot of liquor before I go up but um that would be bad in a church. My sil bugs me once in a while to get up and sing with them in the praise team but who-boy if I canít get up and speak I sure as heck canít get up and sing in front of people!

Well this has turned from the direction I intended! Back to not procrastinating (ha). Itís even more messed up than it would be because my older brother is throwing a surprise dinner for his wife for her 40th birthday on Friday. So on Thursday I am going down solo to stay with my mom and other sister in law for the night then on Friday we will hopefully do something fun (still working on that) and then drive to the dinner and eat and have fun then I will drive home. Saturday after Keith gets off work we will head back for the Ďsurpriseí dinner for my parents that the church is throwing. Then Sunday is the big day and after the service there will be a get together then the emotional weekend will be over and Keith and I will head home to rest for a few weekends til we have to make that drive again (probably mid November for my brother and my nieceís birthdays).

Now like a girl all I am consumed with is what I will wear this weekend! Every day seems to be a special event so I want to look good for all 3 days!


I did go walking! I only walked for half an hour as I thought I should 'ease' back into it plus my ankle wasn't feeling 100% - best not to push it. I'm just happy I made it!!

One more thing:

We made up Halloween treat bags tonight - 52 as the chips, chocolate bars and candy all had more than they said on the packaging. The chips won though - a 50 pack box had 103. Um yah now that's what I call a bonus pack!! Even better news the flavour is not one I really like so I won't be eating those 50+ bags - yahoo!!

7:47 p.m. - 2014-10-21


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