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Honouring the retirees

I am tired. I am also feeling a huge sense of relief. I am done. I am done throwing retirement parties - or okay being part of them! We'll start with my dad's which was last weekend.

It was a crazy wonderful emotional weekend. Saturday evening over 200 people came to celebrate my parents. My mom has been a huge part of the church and the congregation honoured her as well. My parents were quite touched. They had a bag piper pipe them in and there were several standing ovations. Tears were shed by pretty much everyone. Stories were shared. It was a very touching evening. The only downside is I wasn't in any of the pictures! I wore a new outfit and all!

Sunday - my dad's last service. I think we must have got all the tears out of the way as it was a relatively tear free service. A few may have been shed when my dad went off script and talked for a while and thank everyone for the last 17 years. And I learned first hand how prayers are answered when my dad forgot to call my brothers and I up to read. As soon as I noticed he skipped us I smiled and sat back and enjoyed the rest of the service.

I still have no idea how my dad is going to handle being retired!

Today I said goodbye to my co-worker, T's mom. All week I've been doing something to get ready for today. Today we had a long lunch out. We kept mum about the plans so she didn't really know what to expect. She was pretty touched. I planned 3 games and all went off really well which was cool cause you never know how games will be received.

I didn't get emotional with this one. I will miss her for sure but there were no tears. It will be weird not seeing her at work every day that's for sure.

I am so glad I am off tomorrow. I am just drained. Emotionally and physically and probably financially too! I would like to say I'm going to rest up this weekend but instead I'm headed into Toronto for a Halloween party Saturday night. Tomorrow Keith and I will decorate the house up for the trick or treaters. Tonight I am going to carve my pumpkin. Normally we do them together but Keith was so wiped he went to bed at 6:30 tonight. So I will throw something on the telly and carve away! I was already told I'm not allowed to use sharp knives and have to stick to the kids knives that comes in the packages. My husband knows me so well.

7:13 p.m. - 2014-10-30


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