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Summing up October

Well looksee here - it is already this weekend and I never even touched on last weekend! Where did I leave off? Oh yes Halloween!

Halloween was cold and rainy (boo) but we still decorated outside with our headstones and our inflatable hearse. Keith also got dressed up as a scarecrow and hung out beside the tree in our front yard (the mask made the costume scary) and he did his best to scare the little kids - he got a few too! We had about 80 odd kids which was our highest number to date.

Saturday we headed to Toronto for S's Halloween party. I probably wasn't there 10 minutes before I asked for their 'big announcement'. Turns out they are moving! To Hamilton! They rambled on about how they saw all these 'signs' and it was 'meant to be' but basically from what I understood is it is WAY cheaper for them. Which totally makes sense. And it's probably going to be closer for us to visit them or at the very least a helluva lot less aggravating traffic! Oh and they move in 2 weeks!

This week I worked my first full week in almost a month. It wasn't too bad though as I had an all day first aid training course to attend on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is my niece's Sweet 16 party. We considered going down early (today) but then decided 5 weekends in a row of travelling was enough and it would be nice to stay home. So we will drive up and back for the party - it's about an 1.5 hour drive each way. In good traffic. So probably gonna be a longer drive on the way home.

This morning I dragged my butt to the walking track which makes 5 times this week! Then once Keith got home from work we chillaxed for a while before heading out on many many errands and way to much spending of money. Why must everything cost money? But I'm satisfied with my gifts for my niece and little brother. His b-day is usually combined with my niece's but we dropped his to make hers special - he was fine with it. Oh and I saw my walking 'buddy' for the first time in months. He was good - he started talking the moment we began walking and didn't stop til we left. I got a wee weird vibe as we stood chatting beside our cars but I nipped it in the bud and said goodbye. I'm not sure when I'll see him again as I'm mixing up my walking schedule. I've decided to walk after Keith goes to bed at 7pm so we can eat early enough for him to be able to digest his food and spend time together. The things you do for love. I was reluctant to go so late as I've been wacked in the evenings but I've found since I've started taking iron pills again my energy has gone way up. Or it's all in my head - who knows.

Now the hubs has gone to bed and I'm left to my own devices. I am toying with jumping in for nanowrimo but I'm already 8 days late to the game but I have a story that I started last year and have worked on and off since that I would like to concentrate on. We'll see if it happens.

Alright time to shut this computer down and go and have a little downtime.

8:50 p.m. - 2014-11-08


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