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Monday 12:48pm

It is Monday. I am tired. I could not sleep restfully last night and now I am counting down the minutes to get to the end of the day. I hate days like this. It also sucks because tomorrow is a holiday (that part doesnít suck) but so many people are off today which means the phones are busier than normal and I am just not in the mood to answer them. Alright Iím never in the mood but normally I can avoid them for most of the day but not when our numbers are so low.

I just realized there is only 1 week from now to the end of December where I am working a full week. 4 day work weeks rock!

So my weekend. It was good. I had slight guilt over staying home and not going away. Especially when I realized we wonít be celebrating my younger brotherís birthday at all. Crap. Ah well. Heís busy, weíre busy. I didnít even get to see him open my present since they had to leave in a rush as he had to get home for his online teaching job. Keith and I left later than we had planned but it was a very enjoyable time. Everyone mixed and mingled and we laughed and ate and sang (fine it was Happy Birthday) but you catch my drift- enjoyable.

This weekend we will be celebrating his momís birthday and my husband is once again confused as to whatís going on. There is definitely a party this weekend. But there may be a girlsí only dinner that I was invited to by his mom BUT now Keith is thinking that his sisters are using that as a cover. I donít know. Keith was tired thus cranky when he was telling me this. I have learned to let it go and then when we are together near a computer for him to log on and show me the thread of conversations. Fudge Iím tired. And dang it my lunch hour is over! Lawd help me cause the next hour is going to be hell with so few people on phones. Itís times likes this where I wish I called in sick!!


Still on phones. Still hating Monday.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Iím pretty sure I fell asleep with my eyes open while working. I have now activated my sit/stand desk so I am standing thus keeping me awake.

So I bought something on the weekend that made me very happy. It was under $10. It was a 2015 Daytimer. Oh but it is the prettiest daytimer with sectioned off months. It looks quite grown up! I almost bought one for $13 but whoa nelly I just had to keep looking and I found an even better one for less money.

On my work computer when I type too fast or my butter fingers make an error my computer chimes at me. Even when I am not typing I hear the chimes in my head? Have I gone insane?


Well I made it through the work day by the skin of my teeth and by leaving 5 minutes early. We went on our 'date night' chiro and dinner out. I decided to give myself a break on walking tonight as I have a bit of headache from having my neck tweaked (I had a pain in my neck for several days) and I'm super tired. It is definitely to bed early tonight!

8:26 p.m. - 2014-11-10


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