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Re-boot...or not.

Bonjour! Comment allez vouz? Tres bien!

Yah that's about all I know en francais. I love to butcher French words to my French co-worker.

So what's been happening? Apparently our computer died. Keith uses the computer I use the laptop. He's troubleshooting but it's not looking good. I see money flying out of our account in the near future.

The weekend treated me well. Friday night I walked at the track. Saturday I went and met Keith and helped him with his job for a while - I keyed in stuff on his handheld and then restocked the shelves with bread. Then I went walking at the track. Saturday night we actually went out like a normal couple to the movies - it was pretty exciting stuff. We had a coupon for a free movie,popcorn and drink which was great. We saw big hero 6. A great movie for all ages.

Today we went out fairly early to several stores and restocked the bread shelves. Yah I know you're probably guessing why I agreed to do this 2 weekends in a row? Well I've learned that while he deals with the bread I can go off and shop! I got 3 more x-mas presents bought today! Once back home I ended up not resting like I wanted but instead cleaned the house some then it was time to get ready to go out and meet my mother in law and sisters in law for dinner. First though I had to do a little shopping. I bought 2 pairs of pants. Ironically I was looking for tops not pants. May I go off on a tangent of skinny pants? You know the pants you need to buy if you want to wear the cute boots? Yah annoying. But I think I successfully bought 2 pairs that don't look hideous on me. I guess I will find out when I go to wear them with boots. Not sure when I will be wearing them though as for the next month it is dress down at work. Jeans baby!

Dinner with the in-laws was good. We went to a buffet and I had like 4 plates although 2 were just crab legs and if you know anything about crab legs - it's a lot of work for a very small amount of meat - but it's tasty! It was a fun evening.

What else? I bought my husband a sweater that he didn't like cause of the deep v neck - but luckily it fit me and looks great hehe.

On Friday I watched a Canadian tv show - Murdoch mysteries - film downtown near my work and saw the main character so that was pretty cool.

We had a crap load of snow which I shovelled twice in one night. It's also now all gone because the weather warmed up and it rained!

I still see my walking buddy almost every time I walk and he is behaving himself. No weird vibes as we walk and chat so that's good.

1 final note - I am surprised by how much I like the new song by 1 direction - night changes. I'm not really a fan of their music but the song is quite nice to listen to.

Bonne Nuit!

9:28 p.m. - 2014-11-23


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