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Big Spender

I was shopping in the big W early this morning when I got a text from Keith's boss. Since I don't have him as a contact all the message said was his name and for me to call him. I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat. I quickly dialed his number and was ready to push the cart of stuff I had collected off to the side and run out the door. He asked me to call him to talk to me about Keith's cold. He told Keith to take it easy and if he needed to stay off work Monday then do it. I am to basically make sure Keith listens to his boss. Way to scare a lady though!

So today I did some 'black friday' shopping in Canada. I had conflicted feelings about this. At first I was a little annoyed with all the stores and their non-stop ads about deals deals deals! Then the more I thought about it the more I realized they are just trying to keep the bucks here in Canada and trying to encourage people to stay and shop and if that means slashing prices and having people line up outside of stores hours before they open then so be it. Why be annoyed if we are saving money here??

All this to say that today I shopped my tucus off. I'm also feeling several shades of guilty because I got so used to not spending money that it feels so weird to be doing it and not at a thrift store! I bought a cute shirt, a pair of pants and an adorable grey sweater at the first store. Then I went and bought expensive boots that all the girly's are wearing this season. Finally I finished off with buying another cute shirt and a summer skirt. Okay the summer skirt was on clearance and really didn't need to be bought now but there you have it. No x-mas shopping except for myself it seems!

My hubs is too sick to care right now. Silver lining? I've got the shopping bug out of me now though. Well I will know for sure after trying on my new clothes and making sure I have a pretty outfit for picture day. Did I mention picture day? Yah Keith's mom is having pics done when we meet up for Christmas? I felt the occasion called for a new outfit.

In between shopping trips today I've been messaging on fb with my sil. Her and my brother and the kids are on an overnight trip to Quebec with my parents. She was nervous (she doesn't like others driving) but they made it there okay. She just sent me pics of all of them hanging out in the hotel room after swimming in the pool. Swimming! I am jealous.

Speaking of exercise. I walked at the track yesterday and today. Yesterday I had so much energy and a woman came up to me when I was leaving to tell me how fast I walk! What a compliment. Although I was in the zone yesterday and had so much energy. Plus it really wasn't that fast there were only a couple of us and I just happened to be walking the fastest out of the group.

So tomorrow I plan to be super productive! I'm gonna put on a pot of coffee and get my 'to do' list done! I just have to work around a sick husband.

8:25 p.m. - 2014-11-29


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