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Friday afternoon. Obviously I am not at work if I am typing in here! I took a sick day. A legitimate sick day! I've been fighting a cold all week. Okay fighting is a bit misleading. I've been hosting a cold all week long and yesterday it finally reared it's ugly head and I was sicker than a dog. But I did not call in to work yesterday. For selfish reasons of course. Yesterday was our team Christmas lunch and we were exchanging secret santa gifts as well as exchanging tacky gifts. I somehow became responsible for this so I took it seriously and was not going to call out sick. Plus? Getting to leave work early? Gold. I just pumped myself full of cold pills and made it through. This morning my alarm went off. I shut it off. Closed my eyes and opened them 10 minutes later. Oops. I did not hesitate when I picked up the phone to call in.

I didn't volunteer Wednesday night cause I couldn't breath - at all - through my nose and felt horrible. Last night I felt better due to the cold pills so I forced myself to go and not breath on people and do my 2.5 hours. It went fast as it normally does and I was fine.

Earlier today I was thinking about dropping off the shoeboxes I made and in my head was making a plan of how I could also go walking at the track too. Um I'm sick. I'm hacking up a lung and I'm thinking of walking? I never claimed to be smart! This is why I am now propped up in my comfy bed watching daytime trash tv and surfing the net.

Oh as for the question about my walking track - it is as boring as it sounds! It is a track that is above an ice rink. You walk around and around in circles. How anyone does it without music in their ears I do not know! I can last maybe 10 minutes if my ipod dies then I have to leave. The rink below is always being used either for practice or a game and they are loud! I could go into how annoying people are when they wander out on the walking track and stand to watch the game even though signs are clearly posted that spectators are NOT welcome on the track. Or the hockey teams who come up to warm up and decide they want to stretch on the track rather than off to the side with their team mates. But I won't go there! I apparently enjoy walking around in a circle for an hour for reals though. I don't have to worry about traffic or weather or uneven ground and I can just zone out and enjoy my music and let my mind wander. I don't see my walking buddy too much lately cause my times are so varied when I go. Normally between 7 and 8 in the evening I go walking during the week.

I ordered stuff online for Keith for x-mas and it cost me DOUBLE in shipping what his presents cost. I was pissed. It seems the place I ordered from sent the 2 ITEMS in two separate boxes and anything going over the border is highway robbery. I bitched but it didn't get me anywhere. Plus it's a my bad as when they sent the confirmation email I didn't cotton on to the '2 packages' were sent part.

I'm in the throes of deciding whether I want to return my boots or not. I mean I don't. But I stare at them and all I can think of is is how I'm not wearing them and how much they cost. I rarely buy anything that is not on sale so this was odd for me. I mean I will eventually wear them when I go back to wearing 'business casual' at work. Right now we are dressing down for the month of December and I don't dress in the skinny jean style of today. I would have to go out and buy all new jeans and we know how I feel about that!

I was just chatting with my sil about new years eve. This will be the first year in the last 5 or so we won't be spending it with them. I am bummed but I cannot get the time off (yup 15 years get's ya nothing at my work!). I work til 4:30 on Nye then work Friday January 2nd. I'm trying to just accept it and not be bitter. At least it shouldn't be busy cause everyone else in the world will be home and won't be calling us!!

Alright power is dying on this laptop. Probably time to put it away and pick up a book!

2:20 p.m. - 2014-12-05


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