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Fun night out with my girls

2 entries in a row - look at me go!

Here's the problem with Christmas shopping: you find so many things that YOU want. Plus it doesn't help when stores are all 50% off everything! Let's just say I walked in the house tonight with several bags in each hand and not all were going in the gift pile.

Dinner tonight with T and C was fun. It's been a while since all 3 of us have been together. It's hard now that T works 7 days a week at her store. We exchanged gifts and as always we gave and received excellent gifts. We know each other pretty well and are pretty thoughtful when it comes to the gift giving.

We did have a weird moment when I told them how I was going on a solo trip in March to see my favourite singer, Michael B in a nearby town a couple hours away. They were both quite upset that I didn't ask them to come! Never in my wildest dreams would I think of asking my friends to spend quite a bit of money to see a singer they don't like! But I think C was quite hurt I didn't! Well I went on the website a few minutes ago and I could get them tickets one row directly behind me! This will either shut them up or put their money where their mouth is. I'm sorry but I just don't buy that they would actually put down $ to come with me and make it a girls weekend. I will find out tomorrow when they read my text but my money is on them both saying no for one reason or another! At least it will alleviate my guilt.

Afterwards I headed to the mall solo and did a bit more shopping (even bought some gifts for other people too).

So Keith and I have decided to go to S's party tomorrow. We got a hotel room and our plan is to leave when Keith gets off work then when we get there he will sleep for a few hours while I call S and her guy and we go swim in the pool and hang out for a few hours.

First I would like to go walking in the morning and do a bit more shopping if I have time. I had my doctor's appointment today and it wasn't horrible but my weight went up not down (tis the season!) and we changed my meds back to what they were before. My doctor did this by mistake but I called and spoke to my pharmacist at length and we decided it was actually for the better as my new meds made my blood sugar plummet without any notice and I would get shaky and sweaty in seconds and feel like crap. My old med keeps me on a more even keel. Now I know why the meds I was on had a side affect of gaining weight - to keep the sugar from plummeting you always had to eat and when you didn't eat and felt bad you just stuffed the first thing you found into your mouth aka nothing healthy!

I just chatted on fb with my sister in law. We touched on the concert I mentioned above and it turns out that's her b-day weekend. Whoops! I hope she's not hurt. I mean I can still celebrate her b-day that weekend my concert is on the Friday night.

Alright I better hit the hay. I would like to have a bit of a lie in tomorrow before I start my big day of fun!

11:14 p.m. - 2014-12-19


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