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Christmas 2014

Okay first things first is anyone else having issues with Dland? I cannot open anyone else's diaries. I get an error page. I have tried emailing dland but I won't hold my breath with getting a response. Here's hoping this problem is fixed soon - I miss my dlanders!

Before I start on new stuff let me clean up the old business:

First things first let’s clear up last entries cliff hanger: my friends guilting me about going to a concert alone so me extending the invitation. Imagine my surprise when not only C but T too text me back with a big ol’ YES they will come. I jumped online found tickets – then made the mistake of calling Ticket Master in case they could help me find better seats – HA they were useless. I lost the first 2 seats I wanted but the girls are still sitting right behind me so that’s ok. Then if that wasn’t enough I was texting with my sil and offered for her to come too knowing she dislikes Michael’s music. A couple hours later she text me asking if I had got her a ticket. In all our texting I had missed the vital one that said she would come! I felt so bad. So I jumped online again and found that there was still a seat right beside C and T so I actually picked up the phone – this was no time for texting nonsense – and asked if she was sure and she said YES so I got her a ticket too! Crazy eh? I was going by myself now it’s turned into a girls weekend. This should be some crazy times! Now I cannot wait for March.

Ahem now back to the craziness of Christmas!

Work was a half day on the 24th which means I got to leave at noon. The office had its annual potluck and I made a dozen cupcakes that I have vowed never to make again - icing cupcakes sucks.

I got home and Keith had packed the car full of presents and clothes and 101 miscellaneous items. Keith found out on the 23rd that he had the 24th off which was great for us travel wise. We got to my parents a little bit after 4pm. The plan was for my brothers and their families to meet there as well. We decided to exchange gifts early as the next day we were meeting at the church in a huge group for Christmas dinner and we wanted an intimate setting to exchange gifts with just the immediate family. It was chaotic and fun.

That evening we attended the evening service at the church. It was a pretty low attendance but the weather (severe fog) played a pretty big factor. It was weird sitting beside my dad and not having him up on the pulpit. We were all kept busy keeping 2 year old S from escaping our row and running on the stage to his parents while they were singing and playing instruments. For the first time in years we didn't go back to my parents house and sit with my mom's cousin watching It's a Wonderful Life. We did watch it but the cousin was unable to make it due to illness. We all headed to bed around 11.

I was somewhat nervous waking up on Christmas morn as I remembered last Christmas when my mom was sick and spent the day in the hospital. I woke up around 8 and got up when I heard noises upstairs - I went up to find my dad making coffee in his robe - phew - everything was okay. We played Christmas music while the 4 of us opened gifts from each other (I purposely hid them the night before so the 4 of us would have something to open even though my nephews were intent on getting us to open them). After that we had a lovely breakfast - peameal bacon, scrambled eggs and toasted cheesy bread. Once done the rest of the day zoomed by as we got ready for the luncheon at the church (I peeled a lot of potatoes). We ate and spent time with each other. We played the white elephant game even though my dad rushed it a bit but it turned out fine. I had to use a microphone to be heard (there were over 30 of us).

That night we were all pooped and after having a few leftovers for dinner we called it a night and headed to bed for a well deserved rest. Boxing day after a late breakfast a game of scrabble and 2 games of banana grams Keith and I headed for home.

Saturday I spent the whole day in my pj's except for a few minutes where I had to run out and buy a few items for my baking. I spent the rest of the day baking cookies, chillaxing, and getting ready for Christmas on Keith's side of the family.

Which brings us to today. Our early start time was cancelled as the family pictures we were supposed to take were postponed as the photographer had the flu. It was a fun loud afternoon with 6 kids running amok and tearing open gifts. The white elephant game went over well (again I ran it) with only a few steals - one by me. We hit the road at 5 as Keith has his normal 1am wake up call for work. We said goodbye to his brother as he will fly back to Japan for a few more months.

Now I plan on getting my butt off this computer (it helps that I can't read my buddy list) and go get ready for work tomorrow and do a few things I've been putting off (hello washing the kitchen floor). I would like to be in bed by 10:30 (asleep) we'll see if that happens!

I hope the first few days of this week go fast. So far our New Years plans are to go to T's and spend the night with them.

Alright - here's hoping this dang problem gets fixed - it's so frustrating not being able to access anything on this site!

7:20 p.m. - 2014-12-28


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