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Put the (short bread) cookie down & step away from the tin

So I’ve been pretty inactive this first half of January. There are a variety of reasons laziness being up there along with avoidance of going outside in this freezing weather to exercise in the evenings and then there is the never ending season of being sick. I hope I am not jinxing myself when I say I think I am finally over my cold. I slept so many hours this weekend that it’s just ridiculous. I have a slight cough left but nothing that keeps me up at night anymore. Now I just have to STOP touching my face while at work (I am notorious for rubbing my eyes or playing with my lips while concentrating on the computer. Not good things when all I can hear are people around me coughing. I feel I should start wearing white gloves to remind me not to touch my face.

Keith wanted to kick start this week and get us exercising and eating better. He had good intentions. Of course he was also quick to point out to me has been losing weight recently without trying. I thought it was good of me that I didn’t throw the pot of boiling water at his head when he told me that. Men.

(I just rubbed my nose cause it was itchy – see touching the face!)

Anyway yah so Keith wants us to get ‘healthier’ which yah I am all for but he has some vision in his head of how we are going to accomplish this when we are on completely different schedules. Plus the words sit ups and push ups came out of his mouth more than once which makes me nervous. What next Jane Fonda Cardio workouts?

But I will start walking at the track again tonight. I will even try and do a few light weights when I get back home to finish off.

I would like to get back into yoga again and now that the tree is finally gone as of yesterday and the furniture is back to normal I think this is an attainable goal. I also got a new dvd player as our old one chose when it actually wanted to work. I’ve been making good use of the dvd player by watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls. I have all the seasons so I am re-watching the show in order. It’s a slippery slope though cause at first I had it in on the background while I zipped around the house cleaning and organizing but now I find myself paying attention and sitting down more than standing and kicking back and watching. I will have to limit my time with the show if I actually want to watch it and not be productive.

Speaking of productive. We are a standstill with our dinners. We’ve hit the wall with ideas. We have our favourites which have been done to death. We have other favourites which are only once in a while dishes as they aren’t the most healthy and now that monsieur wants to eat healthier we are trying to come up with dinner ideas. Time to start interneting recipes!

Lesson I learned today: Cute boots do not equal waterproof boots. They do however equal very wet socks.


I walked.
I lifted weights.
Go me!

9:59 p.m. - 2015-01-12


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