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New couch = happy body

Hump Day. Busy hump day. Well work wise. Down 2 co-worker's but that just made the work day go faster. I could have done with a little less stress but ah well live and learn.

At least I came home to a very clean basement and a new couch! It is quite comfy!

I didn't walk tonight but I think I will try and go out tomorrow - even if it's just for half an hour. I miss it. I will take it easy.

Last night I finished my grandfather's journal. I was sad to see it done. It was just 3 months of his life but reading it made me feel like I knew him a little better. I wish there were more.

Tomorrow is my Friday. Come June I won't be writing that anymore. Our flex plans at work will be 'suspended' for the summer. It is going to be a rough summer. Our union voted on a ratification because last summer many employees didn't get vacation so we voted on a change that I now regret. I was not affected and perfectly fine - now I will no longer have flex and am pretty sure I will only get 1 week off this summer and not in the prime months. I am getting screwed over by the changes. I am trying not to get bitter about it but it really is hard. Come September I may not have my flex back as they are revamping it which means shutting it down and starting over. Sounds good in theory but it's not - trust me. I'm gonna have to develop a zen approach and find the good in all of this. It's not going to be easy.

Friday I have a massage - after thinking about the above I need one. My massage therapist went rogue. He left the clinic and started his own practice. It's in his house.

Alright I am tired. Time to call it a night. Sweet dreams.

9:01 p.m. - 2015-01-21


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