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Wicked Wednesday....and not the good wicked either.

Slowly coming out of it. I am not fit to be around people today. I am surly. I am snarly. I am not feeling very nice right now. I am listening to my cube mate on the other side of the wall tell her husband – in French – what she bought for lunch. Exactly what she bought – down to what type of rice it came with. If he really cares that much then I feel sorry for both of them. See? Snarky!

I dyed my hair on the weekend and I absolutely hate the colour. It is a lot darker than normal. Here’s why I hate it. I can’t pull off dark hair. My hair is curly and wavy and out of control and when it’s a light blondish colour I can get away with it. Being so dark I just look disheveled and unkempt. I am toying with the idea of getting a box this weekend and just lightening it already – not sure I can live with this hair colour 4 – 6 weeks.

My winter boots that I bought last summer at a store closing sale are crap. The material has begun to crack. These boots were awesome – water resistant and good coverage or so I thought. I am quite pissy cause we are getting to the slushy part of winter and none of my boots are going to hold up to slush. I have a few pairs that are good for cold and snow but not slush. I may have to go shopping this weekend. Screw maybe – I WILL have to go shopping this weekend. My husband will not love my spending money but too freakin’ bad. Now that we have healthy checking and savings accounts he hates parting with money – which I get – sort of. I mean I don’t want to go out to the bars and ‘make it rain’ but when it comes to buying things I NEED that will keep my feet DRY I don’t want to feel guilty. Snarly.

Three things happened at lunch that started to pick my spirits up:

1. I walked by a woman who was standing at the parking machine in the lot attached to my building and as I walked by she cried out "What the f*ck?" and then slapped her hand over her mouth. As you may recall it cost $80 a day for visitors to park. I had to stop and talk to her and tell her not to worry about the swearing that I totally understood. Then I told her where to go and park and not have to take out a second mortgage.

2. I went thrift store shopping - I ended up buying a summer outfit. I promised myself if I bought the cheap outfit I wouldn't get a muffin with my coffee (comfort food for when I'm feeling all of the above). It worked.

3. Which brings me to my third good thing - besides my coffee - it's roll up the rim time and I won a coffee!!

So that brought my day up a few notches. What else brought it up was a bitching session with my coworkers later on that afternoon.

I almost went out walking again tonight - in order to make my foot hurt. You read that right. See I have a doctors appointment on Friday and for some reason I feel it will be really authentic if I walk in there in pain. Yah I worry about my sanity too. I didn't go. Mainly because it is horrible out right now - blowy snow and freezing temps. My foot is still sore just not crying out in pain sore.

Oh I didn't mention the way my day started! I woke up to a dream about my ex. I know why. My hubby and I were discussing our next chiro appointment which is St Patricks' day which happens to be my ex's and I anniversary date. I chose that date cause J wanted to date me before I was ready to commit so I gave him a month or 2 notice. Looking back it's funny - red flags anyone? Anywho back to the dream - I definitely won't go into detail but it did involve some under the sheets moments which left me smiling in my dream. But then there were not so great moments like when he flirted with girls in a bar and in my dream we were dating and I left him there with these girls - he eventually came home but only because the girls were too old for him. Anyway boring reading dream entries I know but I wasn't too happy waking up to that dream this morn.

And now I will end this entry. I need to go and just not think right now. Put this day behind me. Tomorrow is my Friday so it's gotta be better....right??

7:45 p.m. - 2015-02-04


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