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Tuesday, Feb 17th


I must have a strong work ethic. I think I got about 5 hours sleep and yet here I am sitting at my desk praying for the day to go by fast (alas if this last hour is anything to go by it’s going to be an effin long day). So to help push the day along let’s write about the weekend.

As a back story before the weekend Keith and I discussed going away for a night somewhere due to the long weekend but weather would be our deciding factor. Saturday Keith worked but he came home with my valentine present an xl coffee. Okay that wasn’t my gift but it could have been cause I was pretty excited to drink that addictive drug. We exchanged cards and small gifts. I’ve told him in the past not to buy me roses cause it’s a crock this time of year and the price they charge is outrageous. Plus they die so fast! So he bought me a cute little plant ‘to kill’ as he put it. I will kill it. Black thumb. He also gave me a small box of chocolates that I really like. Oh and he also gave me a necklace! I wasn’t expecting that. Turns out when he bought my beautiful necklace at Christmas it came with a thin chain and he wanted a sturdier one –you couldn’t swap out so he had this chain and bought me a silver flipflop to go on it. That man of mine has come a long way in 10 years! For the record I got him some caramel chocolates and a dr who trivia game.

After that he went for a nap and when he got up we debated what to do about dinner. We were both not willing to go to a restaurant on v-day and we both didn’t feel like cooking. During this time we also looked at the weather for Sunday and oh. My. God. it was going to be bone chilling numb. We decided not to go away on Sunday overnight which got me kind of bummed and then I had to explain it wasn’t because we wouldn’t be spending 100’s of hundred but because we would invariably spend time doing our own thing and not spend time together. Call me a sap but I like spending time with my husband – not just watching tv! So once we ironed out why I was upset the evening got better. We decided on just picking up some horrible for us fast food and spending the evening becoming one with the couch.

Sunday I decided I need some spiritual one on one and decided to go to church. While I went to church Keith went grocery shopping and then we met up afterwards – had lunch and hit the road for an afternoon of fun. We went into Toronto and hit a few of our favourite stores – thrift and non-thrift! We made it back home around the dinner hour and decided to make chili to sustain us for the next few days (I’m not even kidding). I had been considering going to a girls drinking night with a friend of T’s but decided against it. I wasn’t in the mood to get sauced and these girls are serious drinkers.

Monday I was happy to do a whole bunch of nothing before remembering I was going to the movies that night and would eventually have to get showered and dressed and start texting my friends to coordinate our evening. While trying to buy my ticket online Keith and I realized we bought the wrong printer cartridge for our printer. Oops. Luckily my friend bought my ticket for me online. We had anticipated the theatre being busy but we were wrong. It was pretty dead which was a bonus for us. We saw the much talked about 50 shades. We all read the book. The movie wasn’t great but wasn’t as bad as the critics were saying in my opinion. It was fluff. Not porn. I think people were going expecting porn. Plus if you read the book you could fill in the gaps the movie had because I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t read the book there would be chunks missing and it wouldn’t have the same impact on me. That’s my review. The book wasn’t great – the movie wasn’t great but both were entertaining if you looked at it for what it was. We all decided we will see the next movie – book 2 – whenever it comes out as well.



Well yesterday's entry ended abruptly cause I ended up checking out of work. My head was pounding and my concentration was nil. Every problem that came to me was a doozy and I just decided to call it a day and went home at lunch and stayed home!

I tried going to bed early last night - 9pm - but couldn't fall asleep for quite a while probably because I fell asleep at 7 for about half an hour when Keith went to bed.

I woke up this morning feeling much better - until I walked into the kitchen. There sat the meatballs Keith had made - the ones I had told him I would put away when the pot cooled down and forgot all about. I was more upset than Keith.

So yah no meatball subs for us!

Tomorrow is swimming with T. We are going to discuss our weekend away in March. Bring on the headache! I have C telling me if it's snowing she's not driving she's having her husband drive her (um what?) and T is asking what time we are leaving because of her store and childcare. And this right here would be why I was planning this trip solo! Just gotta take a deep breath and deal with my girls all nice and zen like. Wish me luck!

7:16 p.m. - 2015-02-18


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