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Girls weekend.....with Michael!

Best to get the weekend down while it's still 'fresh' in my mind. This was my girls' weekend away seeing Michael B. Thursday night I had a text from my SIL that she had flu like symptoms and wasn't sure if she could make it but would text me Friday morning. Before that I had been chatting with my brother about him dropping her off and we would bring my sil to her party the next day.

Friday I woke up, got ready and got a text from my sil that all was well she was feeling 100% better. We had a bit of texting drama over whether my brother would drop her off somewhere or not. Turned out not - she would drive herself. T and I were supposed to meet up at 10 but she was quite late due to having her mom watch her store and having to give her instructions etc. By the time we were packing my stuff in her vehicle to hit the road C had text me that she had left work and was driving to the hotel. T had to tell me to quit worrying about other people. We told both C and my sil we were not arriving til 3:30 and if they got there earlier they could entertain themselves. So I took her advice and just relaxed. We had a good drive up. We planned on hitting several thrift stores but only made it to like 3 but that was okay. We got to the hotel and found out C had already been across the street to the casino and had done some gambling which we suspected was her real reason for going earlier than us. She bitches to T about her drinking but goes to the casino and gambles a lot. Good thing I'm perfect. ;)

The next few hours were a blur as the 4 of us got ready and had some pre-drinks and just joked around. We joked around so much we got a noise complaint from the hotel at SIX PM!!! I wanted to be even louder but decided since we had paid for only 2 of us to stay there and there were 4 of us I better not rock the boat. By the time we left our hotel I had a few drinks and was on cloud 9 to be heading out to see Michael. We took a limo over for $8. It was a 5 minute drive but so worth the money not to have to worry about parking or drinking not that C drank.

We found a place to eat in the casino with only a 5 minute wait in line and most of the meal was a blur for me until the end when they brought my sil a cake for her birthday. After that 3 of us wandered a bit while C went and gambled by herself. Then it was show time!!!!

The concert was....Amazing. I sat in the 15th row seat 2. The girls were behind me in seats 4,5,6. I made them cheer nice and loud and they did me proud. C even had some banter with him which was awesome. At the end of the show during the last song they let you go to the stage so that's where I went to see him up close and personal and take many pictures. Alas no touching of the hands as there was a shorter than the stage grandma in front of me who I would have had to crush in order to get close enough - don't say I don't think of others!

After the concert several women waited at the stage and got guitar picks and I almost gave up hope of getting a set list of the songs he played until finally a roadie walked by and I asked him for it - YES!

Now here's where my girls disappointed me a bit. They joked with me all along that come hell or high water I would meet Michael that night and get a picture. Well they lied. C seemed to run out of steam. My sil was freezing cold even though it really wasn't cold out. And T just really wanted to go back to the hotel to drink. Security told us he was gone and then that he was staying in the hotel overnight which he never does. The girls pretty much were like 'well that's that let's go'. No wait I lie they then told me I could stay outside by myself and wait and they would be inside. Yah 3 cheers for sisterhood eh? So I told them that we could just leave and not one of them said no. Sigh. I'm letting it go I am. I just wish they hadn't been so adamant about how pumped they were going to be about getting me a picture with him. First roadblock and they all threw in the towel. To add insult to injury as we drove away in the limo we saw the band loading stuff into the trailer. The band. Everyone was still there. Sigh. Letting it go.

That night T and my sil drank while C tried to go to sleep while I just drank water and chatted for a few hours. We called it a night about 2am. C was up at 7am and was not being quiet about it. She is known for her early rising and we know she wanted to wake us all and was hoping we'd be hung over. I wasn't hung over just tired. C was dressed and ready to go by 8am. She had nowhere to be that's just how she is. T and I decided to go for a swim as we were the only 2 who brought suits. SIL took a shower while C packed her car then came to say goodbye - she was taking off to an outlet mall to buy a coach purse. Mkay. After she left the 3 of us finally relaxed and finished getting ready then went down for breakfast before heading out.

We killed some time shopping at the local stores then we started out for the 1.5 hour drive for my sil's birthday dinner. I found out Keith was going to make it (wasn't sure because of his work) so I told T and she decided to head home instead to spend time with her family so I jumped in my sil's car and we had some one on one bonding time on the drive there.

Her party was great. She saw friends who she used to be in a singing group with who had made the 3 hour trip. Not many people in her family made it which was a bit sad. My parents and my niece and nephews all went to the chuckee place with her kids so it was a nice child free meal.

After it was all said and done Keith and I headed home both extremely tired. We went to bed at 9 and by 9:30 I was sound asleep. I woke up this morning at 7:30 but didn't get out of bed til almost 9. Lazy day indeed.

So that was my MB weekend. I think it was my 7th MB concert but I am going to have to sit down and think about it some. I feel like it should be more? Bad memory! Alright time to go out be a bit more productive this Sunday afternoon. Or go read a book. One or the other!

3:19 p.m. - 2015-03-15


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