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Ironing it out...

Well another weekend bites the dust. At least it was another 3 day weekend. I'm gonna miss having every other Friday off.

Anywho my Friday started off with a visit to my doctor. Scheduled. I got told my numbers (blood sugar) were okay but my iron was borderline. Considering I already take an iron supplement that kind of sucks. So I spent part of today reading on the internet about iron and how to help my body to absorb it and what to avoid. Annoying. I also felt a bit relieved to find out exactly why I have no energy and am tired a lot of the time. I blamed the type 2 but if my iron is that low then it just makes sense.

After my doctor's appointment I went for my massage appointment then I went to an aqua fit class. T had cancelled swimming on me for Thursday night and I had decided to go solo since I could. The class was much better than the one T and I take at her pool. This instructor was really good and I actually felt like I was working out even in water! So glad I went. The rest of Friday was spent chillaxing and not doing much at all.

Saturday morning just as I was getting ready to head out of the house on a few errands I got a call from Keith asking if I could help him at his last stop. I drove to the grocery store and helped him put out the bread and entered a bunch of stuff on his work computer for him. It was about an hour of work. I didn't mind he looked bagged. We think his shingles might be coming back. Of course our doctor is on vacation this coming week. I guess we'll play it by ear if the symptoms develop further.

Saturday after Keith had a nap we made a snap decision to go the movies. We made it there 15 minutes before the movie - Chappie. We had a soon to be expiring coupon that got us in for free and also pop and popcorn. The movie wasn't what I thought it would be but I enjoyed it. We then grabbed a couple pitas for dinner and headed home.

This morning I awoke to my husband making bacon. He made us breakfast and then we headed out to grocery shop and then do a few errands before finally making it home around 2. I wanted to clean and declutter the house this weekend as we have company coming next weekend. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but at least I made a start. I figure I will work on it the rest of the week in the evenings once Keith goes to bed. What else am I gonna do? Watch tv for 4 hours? (3 tops). I donated 6 grocery bags full of stuff today which is a good start.

Alright time to go and start to shut this night down and get ready for work tomorrow (boo).

8:40 p.m. - 2015-03-22


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