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5 days

I guess it's a good sign that on the 5th day I am finally bored. Bored or depressed that my 5 days off are over. Maybe not such a good thing?

Regardless I had a great little mini vacation these last 5 days. I began and finished a pretty lengthy novel that turned out to be better than I thought but ultimately had a pretty lame ass ending. It's one of my pet peeves about books - sometimes the writers seem so intent on writing about a situation that they are almost surprised when the book has to end and they hastily write an ending in 2 chapters that leaves you feeling cheated. Anywho where was I?

Thursday I went to a water class and discovered foam dumbbells for the first time and they were awesome. I also found a pair of shoes for work that fit my orthotics. And yes they cost way more than I wanted to spend.

Friday Keith and I hung out at home but I managed to get him out for a short walk while the weather was still nice. We had pizza for dinner and I drank red wine with my pizza like a grown up! Saturday we left to visit family after Keith was done work and had a short nap.

We spent the night at my younger brother's and his family. It was a short visit but nice. I take for granted spending time my family and having family gatherings. We've just always had them. But I couldn't help but think about how great it actually is. Everyone gathers and we bring food and it's chaotic and loud but it's family. I have to stop and appreciate these things more often.

I also hid easter eggs Saturday night. That was fun. I appreciate my brother and sister in law letting us participate in stuff like this. We also got up wicked early when the kids did to watch them hunt for the eggs. Then it was on to church where I spent 70% of the time watching/chasing the boys. I played a memory game with D on the drive to and from church. "I went to the market and I bought apples" then he said "I went to the market and I bought apples and bananas. We did the whole alphabet. The kid has a great memory. I was also impressed when his 2 year old brother started singing the alphabet with us. Some smart cookies I'm related to.

After our large and tasty late lunch with the whole fam it was time to hit the road home. 3 hours later we were home and Keith went straight to bed. It's hard going away with this job but what are ya going to do?

Today he was supposed to be done much earlier (11ish) but didn't get home til after 1. I had a few things planned for today but I woke up feeling a bit off not sure if I am fighting a cold or what but I decided to just keep it chill today. I had breakfast and showered then spent the morning reading my novel until I finished it. Once Keith got home we went out for a quick lunch as planned but he was grumpy and tired and I was just grumpy- not quite how I had hoped. We then did a quick grocery shop and came back home so he could rest. He is quite sore because his back is really bothering him. Luckily we booked him a chiro appointment for tomorrow. He is probably also going to make a doctor's appointment for a bug bite on his arm. It's red and swollen and painful. It's been almost 2 weeks since he's had it and it's not going away - actually it keeps getting worse. It's also warm to the touch which I imagine can't be a good thing.

Now I am trying not focus that tomorrow is back to the grind. Ah well at least it's only a 4 day work week.

4:44 p.m. - 2015-04-06


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