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End of April Musings:

Have you ever noticed how some days/weeks you feel ‘sassy’ and full of vigour and just are ready to take on the world then there are others where you feel like a bleak church mouse and are pretty sure you can fade into the wallpaper if given a chance? Yah me too. Of course I’m sure mine is more hormonal than anything else. Let’s just say I am sitting here at work printing out recipes for anything chocolate. Even things I would never make. Yah if I could dip my head into a vat of chocolate I would do so.

So summer. Or Spring weather is here I should say. I’m all kinds of happy about this. But there is a part of me that wishes it would have held off with its sock-free sandal weather til after May 12th. I have a foot appointment to get an ugly nail problem checked by a specialist and until that appointment I keep my toes hidden and am avoiding putting on nail polish. Depending on the weather I may break down and apply a coat this weekend.

This weekend we are heading to S’s birthday/animation party. Or Claymation I’m not sure. She made a short movie that she is proud of and is using her birthday to debut it. I’m okay with that. What I did not realize is that she opened it up to her other art friends to view theirs as well. Uh-oh. Ah well I guess I can stand a few hours of it. Keith and I have decided not to spend the night as we don’t want to pay for a hotel and although we could stay at S’s the problem is the sleeping vessels are in the living room – the party room – so Keith wouldn’t be able to sleep til everyone left and that could go into the wee hours of the night and he just can’t do that anymore. It’s too much on his body. Once you get used to getting up at 2am it’s hard to stay up til 2am! So I will be the dd and will drive us to and fro.

I was getting summer fever yesterday when I booked a hotel for S and I for our annual girls weekend. We were going to just spend the weekend at her place but then I realized it’s not going to be so much a girls’ weekend with her man around and I love S but she acts like a different person with her guy and puts his needs before hers or ours. I want time with my best friend from high school. Alone. No boys. And since we only do this once a year I am okay with spending money on a hotel. With that said I told her I would do the searching and find us a hotel and boy are they expensive in July! I finally found us one but it was a lot of money but I decided to use a coupon I had earned that would save us half off the price. I hope she appreciates the gesture cause I had been sort of saving it for when Keith and I would go away. But since there’s no guarantee that we will be going anywhere anytime soon that requires a hotel so I decided to just go for it.

Speaking of summer vacation – Keith gets 2 weeks vacation a year. One he has bookmarked for our anniversary this year as it’s our 10th and we want to go away somewhere nice and hot. The second week he is trying to get the same week as me in August. I say try because he told his boss the week but his boss is so sleep deprived that we’re pretty sure he has already forgotten which week Keith requested and will book himself to do route relief for another driver. I am pushing Keith to ‘remind’ his boss the next time he sees him. I am thisclose to texting him myself cause as much as I love my husband he tends to not push things and just figures they will ‘work out’. I’m getting a headache just thinking of past fights due to this reasoning.

(Hey it's) May musings:

So this weekend. It's so frustrating being a slave to your emotions/hormones. I've been in a bit of a funk this entire weekend which I hate. There's no point going into it but suffice to say I've had better weekends.

Weather wise it was beautiful. I even got a bit of a burn on Friday as the sun is deceiving this time of year. Even my feet got red - well half of them as I was wearing shoes - it's quite the look.

S's party was good. Quite a few people showed which was nice. Everyone is so artsy it kills me. S and her guy travel in those circles. I am probably the least artsy person so that's why it amuses me so. Not much to chat about with these folks. Luckily they all knew each other and talked amongst each other while Keith and I amused ourselves. Keith got to drink thus unwind so we had a good time. Our friend Mina showed up which was nice to see her after all these months. She showed up 3 hours late but that's her. We spent a good hour with her then we had to hit the road home. Several closures later we made it home a little after midnight. Poor Keith was toast.

I am looking forward to going to bed and waking up feeling less antsy/pissy/bitchy/crazy/restless and more in my right frame of mind. That or I'm pretty sure my husband will have my bags packed....

Time to go aloe my feet!

8:12 p.m. - 2015-05-03


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