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Colour me excited

I am excited for tomorrow! Tomorrow at 4:35 I am officially on vacay! I'm trying to find the balance for next week between doing a whole lot of chillin' but not becoming a slug and doing absolutely nothing. I'm making lists - of course. Things I would 'like' to do and things I 'need' to do. The needs aren't many which is good. Hopefully the weather is gonna be nice. But before that happens I need to figure out the upcoming long weekend.

We didn't have plans but now we have been invited to Keith's parents for camping. It's sort of a welcome back party for his brother who has been away in Japan this last year. A drunk fest I'm thinking. All systems were a go but Keith started feeling unwell today and is coming down with a cold. So now we will play it by ear. I would like for us to go but I won't be gutted if we don't. I could just be on my vacation high right now. I'm pretty generous when I'm in my happy zone.

I went and saw a specialist yesterday for my toe nail. Turns out it may not be a fungal thing. The doctor made my day when he guessed I was in my early 30's. He was surprised when I said 40. Heh. Anywho I have to take a clipping of my nail - send it off - call in 2 months to find out if it's a fungus or if it's because I wear 'tight shoes'. I never thought my shoes were tight but who knows. I made sure I could wear nail polish to cover my gross nail and that's all that matters to me right now!

Tomorrow is my co-worker's 25 year anniversary. I have to remember to buy her a coffee on my way into work tomorrow. She bought me a cake on my 15th (my manager dropped the ball) so it's the least I can do. I would do more but my manager is actually planning something tomorrow morning so that's good.

Alright time to head off to bed! I sure am excited to get to Thursday and then quickly to the end of it! Apparently, if my enthusiasm is anything to go by, I really need this upcoming week off!

10:05 p.m. - 2015-05-13


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