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Day 1 of my stay-cation

Thursday's musings:

Okay so once is an ‘oops’ or ‘my bad’ but twice well twice is just a “is she just gone wrong in the head?” type question that would be fair for most people to ask after I tell them that I once AGAIN drank spoiled milk. What is wrong with me? No answer required. I even had my doubts while EATING my cereal last night – it was an evening snack cause we ate so darn early so Keith could go to bed super early. But I was all in denial and was like ‘what are the chances of the milk going off early AGAIN?’. Apparently the chances were good. Very good.

I awoke 5 minutes before my alarm this morning, my dream took an alarming turn when my stomach began to churn – in my dream – thus waking me up and running for the loo. It was that kind of morning. I pondered my stomach issues – still in denial it was the milk – packed my things for work while chugging the pink stuff to make the stomach issues calm down. I got to work opened my little bottle of milk I take to pour on my cereal and went ‘yup that was the culprit’. Then I ate dry cheerios. Eating dry cheerios is not all it’s cracked up to be no matter what toddlers say. Luckily it was cake day at work! So I ended up supplementing my breakfast such as it was with cake and coffee!

Now I am on my 2nd tim’s of the day and am a-ok with that. It’s my Friday of a super duper long weekend and I just found out I ‘might’ be going to a 2 day work event that takes me out of the office post vacation. I’m trying not to get too hyped about it though cause it could all fall thru. It’s for a volunteer position I do at work – there are 3 of us – normally 2 would go to the meeting and I am technically the least important in terms of our positions so I would be the odd man out. We are trying to make it ok I can go to. The event co-ordinator has yet to respond to our email we are all coming which until I get that confirmation email back I am gonna be sweating bullets. It’s sad really how I want to get away from this office if only for a day or two! I like my job but shaking up the routine every now and then isn’t such a bad thing.

Friday musing's:

Day 1 of my 10 days off. I set my alarm for 8am then reset it for 9am. I got up at 8:20. I did my elliptical, showered and headed out for my massage. Pretty good start if I do say so myself.

On the way back home I stopped for a super large coffee and came home to waste the afternoon away - I am doing pretty darn good in that department if I do say so myself!

Poor Keith is still super sick with a gross cold. I am 89% sure we will not be camping this weekend. If he feels better tomorrow after work and a nap we may go out for a few hours to sit around the fire and just hang out with everyone but no camping in the cold. I'm okay with that.

I'm looking at next week and realizing I don't really have all that much downtime to myself. Basically just Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm not complaining cause I'm glad I can spend Monday and Wednesday with the hubs. I'm trying to convince him to make Wednesday his 'faux' birthday fun day. We can go to a matinee and have a nice dinner out. He works his actual birthday on the 23rd so he will be too tired to go out and definitely not up for a movie in the evening. Hopefully he takes me up on this offer. Of course I still haven't got him anything for his b-day. He's hard to buy for. I'm running out of time but I'm gonna use next week when I go out to hopefully come up with some ideas!

I made some guacamole earlier today that I plan to eat while I watch the amazing race finale. It's got lots of garlic (mmmmmm) here's hoping it helps to keep any cold germs floating around at bay!

Alright I am gonna shut down this laptop and grab my book - I'm a few chapters from the end. Then I have the delectable task of finding a fresh new book to start. Looking ahead in the immediate future I can't help but smile!

2:14 p.m. - 2015-05-15


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