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Long Weekend should not = walk in clinic

Why do I even try to make plans? My long weekend plans didn't turn out exactly as I thought they would. I mean I didn't even eat my guacamole Friday night! I did tonight and boy was it garlicy - not that I could taste it! Yah I'm sick. My hubby passed on his cold to me. Oh but don't worry he kept the worst of it for himself.

Saturday he got home feeling like crap so he napped and felt much peppier when he got up so we packed a cooler bag full of booze and booze-free drinks and headed to his parents. We had a good evening and stayed much later than planned. We didn't get home til midnight.

Sunday Keith surprised me by planning our day. We did a quick grocery shop then headed out for the day. We headed towards the Falls but that wasn't our destination but it was everyone else's cause the roads were insanely busy. We went to this big antique market. We walked away empty handed but spent a pleasant few hours browsing. We then decided to go to the Falls since we were so close - hit a few of our favourite stores then had dinner at the bestest restaurant in the Falls. I then took over driving and got us back home around 8 I think. We were both pooped and my cold was in full force. Both Keith and I could not sleep last night. Last thing I remember is him leaving the room around 1am cause he couldn't sleep.

At 7:50am I was woken up by Keith telling me we had to go to the walk in clinic. I looked over and he was holding a towel to his ear. Damn. I was up, showered and out of the house within 10 minutes. Luckily the clinic was not busy - maybe 8 people waiting before us so we were seen very quickly. Unfortunately neither Keith nor I were verbal enough in describing the hell that is his ear problem. Plus I don't think he was that bad yet. We got some prescription meds and got home and then it got so much worse. His fever spiked to 39.9c which is 103f he was burning up but freezing at the same time. I ended up sitting beside him with a cold cloth I kept dipping in ice water and using it over his head and shoulders. After an hour or so he fell into a fitful sleep where he ended up sleeping on and off all afternoon.

Thankfully he is finally feeling a bit better this evening. He is on antibiotics and a nasal spray for the sinus infection. It is so not fun watching your loved one in pain. I sure hope he feels better tomorrow. I called his boss and spoke with him as soon as we realized there was no way Keith could work. Keith feels bad letting him down as his boss is training another guy - hopefully the new guy is far enough long in his training to do ok by himself.

I sure hope Keith is feeling okay Wednesday to go out and celebrate his birthday. We were supposed to go to the movies. Although his boss did just say today that he wants to give Keith his birthday off this Saturday so who knows maybe we can actually go out and celebrate on his actual day.

As for my vacation week plans have obviously changed having the hubby home tomorrow. Not a big deal though. I imagine I will go out and do a bit of my running around tomorrow while he rests. Part of his birthday present came tonight (Regal) so I went to my co-worker's house and picked it up a while ago. I am psyched. Not that it's a great gift but that it came in on time. I'm sure he'll like it - or at least pretend to for my benefit.

I think it will be an early bedtime for me tonight. Oh and in a fun twist of fate I finished the novel I was nearly done the other night and went through FIVE different books before I finally settled on the one I am reading now. The first four could not hold my interest at all. I hate when that happens. This fifth isn't even all that captivating but at least it keeps me entertained for the most part. I should probably add going to a used book store on my to-do list this week - I'm going through books way too fast!

8:37 p.m. - 2015-05-18


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